In an age of difficult challenges for youth and families, the work of the Boys & Girls Club of Lansing has enabled them to become one of the major stabilizing influences on the youth of Lansing. The Boys & Girls Club of Lansing is widely recognized as the premier agency serving youth from disadvantaged circumstances. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and power.

The Boys and Girls Club holds an annual Halloween Extravaganza for the children of their club. It’s a game night held for the children inside a safe facility opposed to going ‘trick-or-treating’ through unsafe neighborhoods.

Our role as National Association Black Accountants (NABA) was to control the games and make sure the children had an awesome experience. NABA has continuously gone to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club over the past 8 years and the children anxiously look forward to us coming. We also join them throughout the school year to build and nurture positive relationships. Some of children do not have positive role models to look up to; therefore we try to inspire them through our leadership.  We encourage the children to have goals, dreams, and think about college at an early age. It is good to interact with the children early on so that they have a better understanding of all the possibilities that life holds for them.