There is a new face among the faculty at MSU’s The School of Hospitality Business.  Lu Zhang, born and raised in Xi’an, China, joined The School this fall and will spend the semester on a research assignment and begin her teaching duties in the spring.

Dr. Lu earned her bachelor’s degree from Xiamen University, and while earning her master’s and Ph.D. from Penn State, she studied under Dr. Anna S. Mattila in marketing.  While her degrees are in marketing, Dr. Lu says that early in her graduate school career, she became interested in information technology, and worked at Penn State with Dr. Jansen in the College of Information Science and Technology.  She says, “Ever since then, I tried to bring two streams of research together: technology and marketing.”

While earning her Ph.D. (dissertation subject: The influence of language barriers on customers’ decision-making process and proposed preference fluency as the underlying psychological mechanism.), Dr. Lu taught undergraduate hospitality information technology (IT) courses at the Penn State School of Hospitality Management and guest lectured for courses in marketing and intercultural communication.

Dr. Lu will teach both undergraduate and graduate hospitality IT courses this spring, inevitably with a special marketing focus.

Aside from her subject areas, Dr. Lu has taught dance – and living in Happy Valley, she says, made her a big football fan.  Perhaps the Spartans can convert her!

“We believe Dr. Lu will be a wonderful addition to our School’s faculty,” says Director and Professor Dr. Ron Cichy.  “She brings a fresh and unique perspective to an increasingly important part of any business, including hospitality:  information technology.  We are very happy to have her in East Lansing.”

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