Photo: Jack Lu
Jack Lu
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management, Finance, Information Technology Management

So yes, it’s the weekend before finals, and for some reason, my procrastination has either continued, or I have become the master at being unproductive. That’s exactly how it was right after Thanksgiving. Our frantic workload levels had drastically decreased, and some of us were burnt out. Honestly, I wasn’t procrastinating, and I was certainly not doing “nothing;” it just feels that way for some reason because studying by this time has become a habit, and if you have a social life, that kind of blends in as well.

It was a perfect opportunity to venture into other things besides academia, including internship searches, company research, case competitions, which we had done with MBA Net Impact, and there were some that had taken the Supply Chain case competition at UMich as well. There were a few other case competitions earlier in the year, and I would strongly recommend participating in them. A lot of them about overall business strategy, and it forces you to think through how you would want to do something if your business was cenetered around that deliverable, whether it be a new product, being a product leader, or finding a way to raise your customer satisfaction and retention levels up by 2%.

It’s not to say that I don’t care; I care a lot, but I just want . There seems to be some sort of apathetic feeling of “If I can just get past this, I’ll be alright.” Which is somewhat true; we’re all here for a reason, and because of that, none of us are slackers. We all work hard, so that’s why everybody says “don’t worry about it.” In my opinion, you *DO* have to worry about your academics. It’s about as far from a cakewalk as you can get, but because we all put in effort and want to be successful, we certainly “will be okay.”