Julie Fasone-Holder (BA Business Administration ’75) has spent her career helping other women take advantage of opportunities in the business world.

Julie Fasone-Holder.

Julie Fasone-Holder.

As the former senior vice president of marketing, sales, and corporate reputation with The Dow Chemical Company—now a retired C-suite executive who has formed JFH Insights—she teaches women how to use their own voices to improve their positions in the workplace through the Executive Leadership for Women program at Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business. This year’s program is September 16-17 and October 6-7.

Throughout her career she was many times the first woman in a role. She was also conscious of the role she played mentoring or coaching other women at Dow during her career.

As she was retiring she knew she wanted to continue to help women be successful in business.

So she met with Erin Wolf, a nationally recognized speaker, executive coach, and consultant in leadership development, organizational change, and organizational strategy. They had coffee in New York—a conversation only, but it would lead to working together to help women develop themselves, including through the Executive Leadership for Women program at the Broad College.

They split the program into two 1-½ day sessions spaced over time to provide attendees an opportunity to take the skills back to work, apply them, and then return to discuss the results.

The skills include adopting an “elevator speech” that is ready for use when the opportunity arises, such as a moment with the company CEO or other executives.

Other skills include:

  • Creating a personal brand and message
  • Negotiating on your own behalf
  • Applying skills of exceptional leadership
  • Finding your executive voice
  • Building a personal and professional network
  • Effectively negotiating deals that create lasting value for yourself and your organization

“We show them how to take advantage of opportunities to promote themselves,” Fasone-Holder said. “We talk about how to build resilience and how each person can identify her own high potential with companies.”

As part of the program, each woman creates a personal development plan with 30-, 60-, and 90-day goals to implement changes.

“We come at this from a real-world perspective,” Fasone-Holder said.

More information about Executive Leadership for Women is available at MSU’s Executive Education website.