The Summer Business Institute is a unique opportunity specifically designed for new business majors at MSU. The purpose of SBI is to create exciting activities and learning experiences for students in order to maximize their potential for a successful academic and professional career. It is a seven-day intensive, residential learning experience that includes academic seminars by faculty, training workshops by corporate professionals, and team activities.

Demetrius Scott, a three-time CA for SBI, explained that he had come back each summer after SBI 2007 because, “SBI is an experience of a lifetime and I felt compelled to help a program that provided me with essential skills I’ve used throughout the past 4 years.”

“That week taught me many things about being a business major that most freshmen learn during their first two semesters,” says SBI 2010 participant and 2011 CA, DeAngelo Taylor, “It was very helpful receiving all of the information early on in my college career. I also got to meet a lot of friends who made me feel comfortable coming into college.”