Photo: Amandeep Bagga
Amandeep Bagga
Class of 2011
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management

Arriving to Michigan State in late August I felt a mix of nervousness and excitement. It had been nearly five years since I graduated university and nearly two years since I had to go through job interviews. I wondered how I would handle the academic workload. Would I be able to integrate with my classmates and create a new network? Am I ready to interview for internships?

In terms of networking, any fears were quickly put to rest. During welcome week for the Broad MBAs, I met a diverse set of friendly students. One of the superior aspects of Michigan State’s program is the small class size. I found it very easy to introduce myself and get to know the other 100 students. Further, our team of five students was able to get to know one another even better as we competed in our first case competition, eventually placing as a finalist. In my fellow students I found an eager bunch ready to network and face the rigors of school.

Next on my list was learning to study again and keeping up with the classes. Again, I found I wasn’t alone. I quickly realized I could always rely on my team and classmates to help manage the workload. The professors too are not without credit. They all have a vested interest in our success as both students and future business leaders. From quickly answering my e-mails to meeting outside of class each professor made sure I had a grasp of the material and I could apply it in a real world setting.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I needed to find a summer internship. It’s in this area that Broad truly shines. The MBA Career Services office was absolutely excellent in helping me connect with a diverse array of employers. From Career Fairs to behavioral interview workshops and resume critiquing I found that the CSC office went the extra mile to make sure I was prepared for interviewing. Perhaps the best part is that the CSC office started the internship process before the program even started! They helped me revise my resume with relevant material and during welcome week taught me how to introduce myself to employers in a memorable way. Then throughout the semester they consistently engaged me with information on potential opportunities and provided me with employer feedback from interviews. I’m happy to say all of their efforts paid off. During Christmas vacation I received and accepted an offer from one of my top choices. Without CSC’s help I would not have this opportunity.