Undergraduates and incoming freshmen have until the end of March to apply for the Residential Business Program (RBP) at the Broad College of Business.

The RBP community is a living, learning, and leadership opportunity for students pursuing a business degree in the Broad College.

Through a support system consisting of the Lear Corporation Career Services Center, Multicultural Business Programs, and Undergraduate Academic Services, the RBP community helps students develop the academic and professional profile needed to succeed in college and in a career after graduation. First-year students will live on the first, second, and third floors of East McDonel Hall in the River Trail Neighborhood.

“Living with other business majors is really helpful because I had some of the same classes as people in my hall and we were able to work on homework or study together, and that is something most students do not have,” marketing freshman Aubrey Perry said.

The RBP Community is dedicated to creating a residential academic experience to promote, enhance, and support students’ academic, personal, and professional growth. The program also assists students in acquiring the relational skills necessary to succeed and lead in today’s global society. Through a seamless environment of academic and experiential learning activities, students develop business leadership competencies in a collaborative, inclusive, and multicultural environment.

“This program has helped me with my long-term goals through early exposures to critical career development interactions for my leadership skills, communication skills, and respect for diversity. I have had the privilege to be on the executive board of RBP as a corporate relations chair, which tremendously improved my professional etiquette as I interact with corporate professionals,” said Yanisa Godard, a supply chain management sophomore. “I have also learned to value the diverse cultures of my peers through labs, projects, and multicultural activities fostered by the program and my neighborhood engagement center.”

Chad McFee, a sophomore marketing major, is grateful for the lifelong friendships and networking he’s experienced, as well as resources and extra guidance to help keep him on the right track, and the professional development to transform students into business leaders.

“The RBP has really changed my life and given me the confidence and education that I needed to achieve my goals,” he said. “If you are studying business at MSU, I highly recommend joining the RBP because it is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.”

You can apply to the program online.