Photo: Jack Lu
Jack Lu
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management, Finance, Information Technology Management

Time: 4:48 AM

That’s right, baby. 4:48 AM. Stats team project, check. Finance take-home exam, check. E-mails, check. Sanity? Umm..

I’m so very tired, but yet I’m not really all too tired. I mean, if you pull an all-nighter, you pass a threshold point somewhere around 2-3 AM at where after you fight through being so tired, your mind just gives up, and you’re not tired any more. Soon I’ll be mumbling incoherent things, and I’ll sound like a generic zombie in one of those scary movies. “MMMBBBBB PHOHHHHH AAAAA”

I think I may be typing incoherently as well – Nice!

So what’s on the schedule, you ask? Well, we just finished an SCM team paper yesterday, our Stats project is due today at 9 AM, and then we have to give a presentation on Friday. I know, not too bad, right? Unfortunately, it’s also finals week next week. 1 final everyday until Thursday. I’m in trouble.

Maybe you think I’m procrastinating, right? Well, kinda.. kinda not. I dunno. I’ll let you know what happens next time because it’s about time to turn in for the night.