This August the faculty of the Supply Chain Management Department were invited by Michigan State alumni Todd Scott (General Motors) and Mike Graham (Meijer) to visit the General Motors Lansing Grand River plant and the Meijer complex on the west side of Lansing.

While at the General Motors Lansing Grand River plant, the group took a tour of the facilities and participated in a Q&A session. The group also had an opportunity to breakout into smaller groups based on areas of interests such as: operations, logistics and procurement in order to learn more specifics about each section of supply chain at GM. The GM plant in Lansing currently produces the Camaro and Cadillac CTS/ATS.

After the General Motors visit, the group headed to the west side of Lansing to visit the Meijer complex. The faculty had an opportunity to tour the complex and received briefings on purchasing strategy, networking strategy and internal logistics.

The two visits offered faculty members a great opportunity to network with local Michigan companies.

MSU SCM at GM MSU SCM with Mike Graham.