Photo: Carrie Shuman
Carrie Shuman
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Marketing, International Business

Being part of Spartan Consulting, Inc. is one of the best hands-on business experiences a Broad MBA can have during their time in the program. Since the business is entirely student-run, it is a chance to gain in-depth exposure to consulting, project management, negotiation and strategy development while working on meaningful client projects.

The challenge of securing contracts for Spartan Consulting, Inc. is what drew me to run for the position of VP of Sales. After being elected, I immediately began formulating a sales strategy for the coming year regarding proposal writing, negotiating terms and selling our MBA consultant services to outside organizations. Much the way Bell’s Oberon beer is seasonal, so are our consulting services. We bill ourselves as affordable MBA talent, seasonally available, with a direct link to cutting edge business knowledge at MSU.

With the support of the rest of the executive board, we have succeeded in staffing all of the available MBA consultants in the first semester to projects I secured that involve developing market plans for technology advancement and devising supply chain solutions for a well-known moving company. We look forward to similar success providing our consultants with valuable experience in the next semester, but focusing on student needs is not our only prerogative.

The hybrid nature of Spartan Consulting as both a club and a business means that our work tries to satisfy two equally important criteria: providing consulting experience to our members and providing quality outputs to our clients. It is exciting to watch as our consulting teams successfully manage their projects and develop recommendations, and I look forward to seeing the final results in a few weeks as our semester closes!