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Sparty joined Jerry Behar (BA Accounting ’79), a member of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems advisory board and managing director of Nissim Capital, on a trip to Antwerp, Belgium.

They visited the Cathedral of Our Lady, which was started in 1352 and took 169 years for construction of the first stage to be complete, and the Brabo fountain. According to folklore, a Roman soldier named Brabo severed and threw the hand of the giant, Antigoon, into the Scheldt River. This statue in front of the town hall celebrates the legend, which is by some accounts the origin of the name Antwerp: from hand (hand) werpen (to throw).

Thin Business Sparty and Jerry Behar by the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium Thin Business Sparty and Jerry Behar by the Brabo Fountain in Antwerp, Belgium