Three Broad students talked about investing and stock choices on Fox Business News December 5. Sean Baddeley (BA Finance ’14), Anthony Marsala (BA Finance ’14), and Greg Mendez (MBA ’14) discussed the Michigan State University Student Investment Fund on Money with Melissa Francis.

The fund was created in 2003 as a sub-account of the MSU Foundation’s portfolio with $750,000. Over the years, students have grown the fund to its present value of approximately $5 million. The fund has had impressive returns (albeit trailing the benchmark) in spite of holding a defensive position during the bull run in the last year.

“Our fund is a small-cap value focus investment fund, so we invest in companies that typically have a market cap between $500 million all the way up to…$10 billion,” Baddeley stated. “Basically, our approach is to look at stocks from the bottom up. We like to first start with a screening process, looking for companies that might be undervalued against their peer group…and then we go from there and dig into the story a little bit further.”

Watch the video to hear more about the fund.