In week two of their adventures in Belgium, Global Finance Studies travelled to Luxembourg where they met with Y. Nosbush, Chief Economist and G. Ertz, Head of Investment Strategy with GBL-BNP-Paribas (no pictures allowed!). Later in the day, representatives of Samaa invited the group to discuss “How to Become a Leader 3.0” at the Luxembourgish Nyuko Think Tank.

In week three, the group spent a day at the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Thanks to Eric Leurquin (who was the Aaron and Helen DeRoy Visiting Fellow at Broad last March), they visited the European Union facilities in downtown Brussels (European Parliament and Committee of the Regions offices) and had lunch at the cafeteria used by Parliament members!

Global Finance Studies students in Belgium 1


The group took part in a simulated committee meeting led by Eric who asked us to make a decision whether to save Greece. After a long discussion and a brief phone conversation with the IMF Chairwoman, Christine Lagarde, a general consensus was reached in favor of a bail out. Eric answered many questions on country and bank bailout mechanisms.

Global Finance Studies students in Belgium 2


A few days earlier, the group shared a delicious crepe dinner in Louvain-La-Neuve, the largest French speaking University campus in Belgium. A modern Tintin museum is located on campus which allowed our group to discover Tintin as a true symbol of Belgian culture.

Global Finance Studies students in Belgium 3