Photo: Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management, Finance

I am so excited to be back to school and see new faces and meet my classmates as another great learning journey starts this fall. I had a great experience interning with Cummins Inc this summer. I got to work on live projects which were aligned with the company deliverables and got visibility which helped me professionally and personally. Personally I had a blast every weekend from baseball games to camping to NASCAR to cave tours and the list goes on. To cut it short – A successful internship to me means not only honing your professional skills and converting your internship into full time offer but also to have fun.

Based on my experience I would like to share some key practices that an intern should really focus on:

1) Ask Questions – The last thing any intern wants during his/her project is a surprise. So whenever you have doubts just ask your supervisor or relevant project stakeholders. Believe me, it helps a lot in your project work and ultimately to the success of the project.

2) Networking – Nothing new, but I will reinforce the fact that networking is the key to convert your internship into full-time offer. Look for the right people in functional areas you want to work. Get a small summary presentation ready of your summer work to present internally to the people you are networking and show your interest.

3) Time Management – I landed into many small day-to-day projects in addition to my main deliverables. It was very important for me to manage my time effectively and efficiently. Prioritizing is key to getting out of this spiral. Make sure you know which deliverable is more important and understand the deadlines and risks associated with it.

4) Updating your project status- The process differs from company to company but in any case make sure you send an updated status of your project every week or every other week. My manager had to travel a lot and I made sure that I sent him a bi –weekly update of my project and the next steps with challenges and support if required.

5) Attitude- Show positive attitude and passion for the work you are doing in an organization. Do reflect the same passion and positive attitude in your final presentation too – very important. Recruiters notice that a lot and it makes a difference when the final evaluation of your work is done.

6) And lastly HAVE FUN !!!

I am looking forward to work closely with first years and help them out whenever possible and at the same time make most of my last year in school. I am sure it’s going to be great year ahead and every MiMBA will have a successful MBA experience.