Two Broad College of Business Full-Time MBA students were named to the Poets & Quants Class of 2016 “Best and Brightest MBAs” ranking. Tyler Erhorn (Finance/Supply Chain Management) and Jinson Pappachan (Supply Chain Management) were among the 100 distinguished graduates from across the world, and they are profiled on the website to highlight their achievements and perspectives on the Broad experience.

“This year’s selections were a diverse group that ranged from a White House staff member to alternative rock singer and guitarist,” said Jeff Schmitt, writer for Poets & Quants. “Through their actions, each embodied how business could be used as an instrument to disrupt norms, add value, serve needs, and achieve social good. And their inclusion is a reflection of the quality of your program – and the world-class talent that it attracts.”Tyler Erhorn

Tyler Erhorn graduates from the Broad College having secured a job with Raytheon, a major American defense contractor. According to Wayne Hutchison, director of academic and program services for the Broad Full-Time MBA Program, “Tyler has been a difference-maker ever since his arrival at Broad. He has been our number-one student mentor and advocate in financial matters, both academically and professionally. He’s amongst the top five percent of students in the Broad MBA because he is the total package. Great leader, teammate, and steward of the program.”

Jinson Pappachan will return to Apple, which extended him an offer following his 2015 internship. In addition to his role as
president of the Broad Consulting Group, Pappachan also created a not-for-profit consulting group, BusinessDoctoRx, which
provided pro-bono consulting to entities across Michigan during the 2015–16 school year. “Jinson Pappachan, more than any student in the Broad College, is responsible for the MBA program’s recent success in creating consulting opportunities both during the graduate experience and after graduation in permanent positions. He works as hard as he does because he believes in sharing his expertise and time with his student colleagues and clients in a way I have not seen before. This young man is truly special,” Hutchison said.

Jinson PappachanRead more about the “Best and Brightest MBAs” and in-depth interviews with the Broad students, Tyler Erhorn and Jinson Pappachan.To produce the “Best and Brightest” list, Poets & Quants reached out to 62 leading full-time MBA programs worldwide to request nominees. Each school was asked to submit up to four nominations of students who exemplified the best of its program, taking into account academic prowess, extracurricular involvement, and personal excellence. After thorough review, the final list features a diverse, impressive pool of scholars representing all walks of business from 53 schools around the world.  Women make up more than half of the list, and nearly one third were born outside the U.S.