Photo: Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson
Class of 2005
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management, Finance

Issuing asset-backed securities requires the ability to manage the various stakeholders of the transaction along with making decisions in a real-time fashion. This includes negotiating with the rating agencies as to why the future cash flows from the underlying assets justify a ‘AAA’ rating, working with the lead structuring bank to determine which structure is most cost effective for the business but also attractive enough so that investors will want to buy the securities, talking with external legal council to draft the prospectus for the securities to accurately capture all the risks and meeting with the global liquidity management team to understand the companies cash position and when the issuance is needed. As a manager of U.S. Securitization at GMAC LLC, these types of discussions and real-time decision making are what I live and breathe each day.

I chose the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management and the concentration of finance because I knew that in order to be able to efficiently manage multiple work-streams, work with very diverse groups of individuals, and have the business acumen to make tough financial decisions, I would need this type of educational experience to supplement my base knowledge. The finance curriculum was well-rounded and provided enough flexibility so that I could take several elective classes to suit my individual professional aspirations. The classes on financial strategy and modeling were particularly helpful as much was case-study based. This allowed students to see real-life business problems and taught them not only how to analyze the data, but arguably more importantly, how to think about problems. What are the risks? What types of sensitivity are associated with those risks? What are your assumptions based on?

This type of problem solving mind-set that I developed at the Broad School was fundamental in allowing me to always be prepared to manage through any issues that come my way. This is the Broad Advantage.