Hi Phuong Tran

Back in October 2016, I started reading blogs written by current MBA students at Michigan State University and wishing that one day I would be able to let prospective students know how my life has changed after becoming an admitted student. One year later, my dream officially came true!

If you are wondering what can you expect during the first 3 months of Full-Time MBA Program at Michigan State University, keep reading! I will tell you all about my experience these first few months!

First, you will be engaged in a lot of activities in the first three months. The four buckets that you will spend most of the time with are class assignments, social activities, recruiting events, and family. For class assignments, you will have many opportunities to work in teams and learn how to collaborate with your team members from diverse backgrounds. There are 5 members in my team- 3 from the United States, 1 from India, and myself from Vietnam. There will be challenges at first to understand each other’s working style and figure out what is the best approach for each assignment. This is one of the reasons that I decided to apply to the Eli Broad College of Business- to hone my skills in teamwork and collaboration. For recruiting events, most of the on-campus recruiting events will be organized in early October so you need to be well prepared to maximize those opportunities. Especially for international students, it will take additional time to research and focus on companies that are willing to sponsor visas and practice elevator pitches in front of recruiters at career fairs. What I really love about MBA program at Broad is the close-knit community of alumni and students who are always ready to reach out and answer questions when I’m in need of support! We have mentorships and immersion programs during the summer to get ready before the school year and I have learned a lot from my mentors about their experiences and advice as I continue on in my MBA journey.

As an international student, when I first moved to the US, I had difficulties in keeping up with class lectures and group discussions as English was not my first language back home. However, joining the international friendship program at MSU and other student events held by MBA associations after classes has helped me a lot in the adaptation and learning process. Remember that once you become a MBA Spartan, you are not alone in this journey. There are classmates, second-year students and school advisors who you can lean on to and receive more help along the way.

Go Green!

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