The FMI was founded in April 2006, supported by the Broad College of Business as well as alumni and friends. From inception the college has provided financial assistance in the form of staff support. Generous donor contributions have enabled student scholarship support, including the building of an endowment that now totals nearly $1.4 million of the $1.5 million targeted. Due to the growing budget constraints of the university and college, the college can only commit to financial assistance for institute staff until 2014. To insure the institute’s long-term viability, the FMI has started a second endowment (directors’ fund), the earnings of which will be used for staff salary, benefits, travel and other related expenses. Given the university’s approved annual endowment payout of 5%, the directors’ fund target has been initially established at $3.5 million.

Through the generosity, dedication and hard work of many alumni and friends, college faculty and student scholars, the institute has achieved notable success in a short period of time. Can we count on your continued support to make the institute a permanent part of the Broad College’s offerings? Given the relatively short time period to meet the sizeable goal, the primary need is support for the directors’ endowment. If you are interested in supporting this fund, please telephone the Broad College Development Office at (517) 353-4340. To mail your contribution, make your check payable to “Michigan State University” and include the fund name on the memo line. Send to:

Broad College Development Office
Michigan State University
505 North Business Complex
East Lansing, MI 48824-1121

If you prefer to support the FMI Scholarship Endowment, contributions can be made online at Giving to MSU as well as via check or telephone. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this appeal.