Photo: Rajdeep Golecha
Rajdeep Golecha
Class of 2010
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management, Finance

Here I want to share one of my most incredible moments in life “the last 3 months at the Broad Graduate School of Management”, an experience which has been a balance of the cut-throat competition, where everyone wants to succeed, and the relationships that will provide me with memories I will cherish throughout my life.

I am a dual major in Supply Chain Management and Finance. The excitement I felt in anticipation of my getting admitted to one of the premiere programs of the country and 2nd best supply chain program in US was incredible. As I walked through the lush green campus on the first day at Michigan State University, the true achievement of joining Broad began to set in. I met students from so many different nationalities with amazing experiences, and learning from them changed my perspectives on a number of subjects. The school offers one of the best placement services, and practical and team experiences to their students. All of us are assigned teams of 5 or 6 in the first year and it is incredible the way Broad does this.

Broad gives an enormous focus to case based studies, which is different from a lecture class because we have to be ready to participate at any moment. More importantly case based studies combine the theoretical knowledge with the real world problems.

Broad revitalized my desire to learn and to continue in my leadership endeavors.