Photo: Carlos Arturo Beltran Rojero
Carlos Arturo Beltran Rojero
Class of 2010
Concentrations:  Marketing,  Supply Chain Management

Winning Broad vs Broad case competition has been, by far, my best experience in the MBA program. At the end of two days of hard work I realized what teamwork, knowledge and practice have not only made of me, but of my classmates as well.

I had great friends on my team: Dave Cataldo, Matt Ritter and Sam Payne. Each one of us has a completely different background and major in the program; also I have a different mother tongue! Nevertheless, when we began discussing the case we had the same business language, we could support our ideas and we could add great contributions to the logical solution of the problem we faced.

The case we were assigned was about LinkedIn and how to face its future in the Social Networking business. The case was very recent. The dates in the case were the same dates as when we were beginning our MBA program, amazing! It was tough, even the judges –experienced business executives- told us that it was fuzzy and difficult to get a quantitative analysis from the data provided.

After 24 hours of analyzing and preparing the presentation, the competition began. In the first round our judges liked our approach… we used our personal experience and the knowledge that each class has taught us.

With a whole first semester facing real business problems complete, our presentation skills were proven to the complete panel of judges in the final round. This last round was challenging. There were great presentations and questions that looked for all the possible outcomes. At the end the judges praised our work: a customer focused solution that will take the company to a stronger competitive position and make it more profitable… it was great!

This competition is not about who wins it, but also about learning of each other. I learned from each one of my teammates, as well as from each one of the solutions of the other teams. Thank you to all my classmates because it was a great time. Class of 2011, we will see you next year in the competition and will be pleased to announce the winning team of your class. GO GREEN!