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Dante Pirouz

Fixed-Term Faculty
Department: Marketing
North Business Building
632 Bogue St Rm N343
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-6386
  • Biography
    Born and raised in California, Dante M. Pirouz earned her Ph.D. from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine in Marketing specializing in Consumer Psychology. She has been a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Marketing Department at Wharton and Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University in Canada. She graduated cum laude with a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business and an M.A. from the Lauder Institute for International Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Dante's publications have appeared in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, MIT/Sloan Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and Journal of Research for Consumers. She has published articles and book chapters on neuroscience and consumption addiction, neuroeconomics and behavioral economics.

    She has published over 20 cases on companies such as Porsche, Cargill India and Campbell's Soup. Dante has over 10 years of corporate experience working internationally for firms in advertising, marketing and new business development including DirecTV International, BMW and Young and Rubicam NY Advertising.

    She won the 2009 Society of Consumer Psychology Dissertation Award and the 2010 Marketing Institute Alden G. Clayton Dissertation Proposal Award and was awarded the University of California, Irvine Social Impact Award for her research. She was also awarded the University of California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program Dissertation Award and a research grant from the General Clinical Research Center, College of Medicine, University of California, Irvine, with funds provided by the National Center for Research Resources, 5M01RR 00827-29, U.S. Public Health Service. She recently won a research grant from Auto21 to study ways to use marketing cues to increase parents' booster seat use.

    She teaches courses in Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, International Marketing, Retailing and Marketing Strategy and has taught at Wharton School of Business, Ivey School of Business/Western University and Broad College of Business/Michigan State University in Canada, the US, and Mexico.
  • Publications
    Cross, Samantha N. N., Dante M. Pirouz, and Gail Leizerovici. “Hoarding: Understanding Divergent Acquisition, Consumption, and Disposal,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 3 no. 1 (2018).    
    Hurst, Charlice, Lauren Simon, Yongsuhk Jung, and Dante M. Pirouz. “Are ‘Bad’ Employees Happier Under Bad Bosses? Differing Effects of Abusive Supervision on Low and High Primary Psychopathy Employees,” Journal of Business Ethics, (2017): 1-16.     

    Jeffrey, Jennifer, Jodie Whelan, Dante M. Pirouz, and Anne Snowdon. “Boosting safety behaviour: descriptive norms encourage child booster seat usage amongst low involvement parents,” Accident Analysis & Prevention92 (2016): 184-188.     
    Leonhardt, James M., Jesse R. Catlin, and Dante M. Pirouz. “Is Your Product Facing the Ad's Center? Facing Direction Affects Processing Fluency and Ad Evaluation.” Journal of Advertising 44, no. 4 (2015): 315-325.     
    Pezzuti, Todd, Dante M. Pirouz, and Cornelia Pechmann. “The effects of advertising models for age-restricted products and self-concept discrepancy on advertising outcomes among young adolescents.” Journal of Consumer Psychology 25, no. 3 (2015): 519–529.     
    Pirouz, Dante M., Allison R. Johnson, Matthew Thomson, and Raymond Pirouz. “Creating Online Videos That Engage Viewers.” MIT Sloan Management Review 56, no. 4 (2015): 83-88.     
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    Martin, Ingrid M., Michael A. Kamins, Dante M. Pirouz, Scott W. Davis, Kelly L. Haws, Ann M. Mirabito, Sayantani Mukherjee, Justine M. Rapp, and Aditi Grover. “On the road to addiction: The facilitative and preventive roles of marketing cues.” Journal of Business Research 66, no. 8 (2013): 1219-1226.      
    Pechmann, Cornelia, Elizabeth S. Moore, Alan R. Andreasen, Paul M. Connell, Dan Freeman, Meryl P. Gardner, Deborah Heisley, R. Craig Lefebvre, Dante M. Pirouz, and Robin L. Soster. “Navigating the central tensions in research on at-risk consumers: challenges and opportunities.” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 30, no. 1 (2011): 23-30.   
    Grover, Aditi, Michael A. Kamins, Ingrid M. Martin, Scott Davis, Kelly Haws, Ann M. Mirabito, Sayantani Mukherjee, Dante M. Pirouz, and Justine Rapp. "From Use to Abuse: When Everyday Consumption Behaviours Morph Into Addictive Consumptive Behaviours." Journal of Research for Consumers 19 (2011): 1.