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Vedat Verter

Department: Supply Chain Management
North Business Building
632 Bogue St Rm N370B
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-0800
John H. McConnell Chair in Business Administration
Department: Supply Chain Management
  • Biography
    Vedat Verter joined Broad College of Business as the John McConnell Endowed Chair of Business Administration in July 2019. He also serves as Chairperson of the Supply Chain Management Department. He brings 24 years of experience at Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, where he was a James McGill Professor since 2013. Professor Verter specializes on the application of operations research for tackling challenges in the public sector. His areas of research are service chain design, hazardous materials logistics, sustainable operations and healthcare operations management. His work in these four areas culminated into eighty research articles in refereed journals and twenty book chapter. Professor Verter's research is well recognized through invited presentations around the globe. He is deeply invested in training scholars of the future, having supervised 15 Ph.D. students and 25 post-doctoral fellows to date.

    In his earlier work, Professor Verter focused on risk assessment models for dangerous goods shipments and policy making for rail and highway transportation of hazardous materials. His papers on designing transport networks for such shipments are considered seminal.   I
    n the area of sustainable operations, he focuses on evidence-based policy design for incentivizing firms' product recovery initiatives; particularly for remanufacturing and recycling. He has published on the electronics industry extensively. In the area of healthcare, he focuses on preventive, primary, emergency, acute and chronic care processes, as well as their interaction.

    The over-arching theme of Professor Verter's research programs summarized above is public sector operations research. As of February 20, 2021, Google Scholar identified 5,700 citations to his work, with a corresponding h-index of 38. According to a recent study of publications during 2011-2015, he is among the top 200 researchers with the most papers in the four elite journals, MS, OR, M&SOM, POM. A 2020 Stanford study ranked his lifetime publications among the top 1.4% of the 23,500 operations research scholars around the globe.Total research grants secured  by Professor Verter, as principal investigator, amounts to US$3.3 million, while he is a co-applicant to a total of  US$3.9 million.

    In 2010, he founded and served as Director of the NSERC CREATE Program in Healthcare Operations and Information Management, a seven-University PhD/PDF training program across Canada. Professor Verter served as Editor-in-Chief of Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, an international journal focusing on public sector decision making for ten years starting 2011. Currently, he is a Senior Editor for the Sustainable Operations and Healthcare Management Departments in  Production and Operations Management journal. 
    Professor Verter was President of INFORMS Health Applications and Public Sector OR Societies in 2013 and 2018, respectively. In POMS, he served as Founding President of College of Healthcare Management, Vice President of College of Sustainable Operations, and an elected Board member in 2016-17.
  • Publications
    Please see MSU Research page for a full list:

    Zhou, Y., M. Parlar, V. Verter and S. Fraser, “Surgical Scheduling with Constrained Patient Waiting Times” forthcoming in Production and Operations Management, accepted in March 2021.    
    Sahinyazan, F.G., M. Rancourt, V. Verter (2020), “On Improving Transportation Procurement in the Humanitarian Sector: A Data-driven Approach for Abnormally Low Bid Detection”, Production and Operations Management, accepted October 2020. 

    Sahinyazan, F.G., M. Rancourt, V. Verter (2020), “¬Food Aid Modality Selection Problem”, Production and Operations Management, accepted September 2020. 
    Mazahir S, V. Verter, T. Boyaci, and L. Van Wassenhove (2019), “Did Europe Move Toward the Right Direction in WEEE”, Production and Operations Management, vol 28, no 1, pp. 121-139.
    Karimi, A. M. Gendreau and V. Verter (2018) “Performance Evaluation of Emergency Service Systems with Priorities and Partial Backups” Transportation Science vol 5 no 5 pp 1235-1252.
    Zargoush, M., M. Gumus, V. Verter, S. Daskalopoulou (2018), “Designing Individualized Therapy for Patients with Hypertension”. Production Operations Management, vol 27, No 12, pp. 2291-2312.
    Samiedaluie, S., B. Kucukyazici, V. Verter and D. Zhang (2017), “Patient Admission Policies in A Neurology Ward”, Operations Research, vol 65 no 3 pp 635-656.
    Ibrahim, R., B. Kucukyazici, V. Verter, M. Gendreau, and M. Blostein (2016), “Designing Personalized Treatment: An Application to Anticoagulation Therapy”, Production and Operations Management, Vol. 25, No. 5, May 2016, pp. 902–918 
    Menezes, M., D. Ruiz-Hernandez, V. Verter (2016), “A Rough-cut Approach for Evaluating Location-Routing Decisions via Approximation Algorithms”, Transportation Research: Part B, Vol 87, 89–106
    Aboolian, R., O. Berman and V. Verter (2016), “Maximal Accessibility Network Design in the Public Sector”, Transportation Science, Vol 50(1), 336–347. 
  • Courses
    • PIM 870: Supply Chain Management
  • Media Mentions

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