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Prepare for a career in management consulting.

The Management Consulting Academy @ MSU prepares students for careers in management consulting. Through a variety of academic and professional activities, the Management Consulting Academy @ MSU prepares interested students for the highly selective and unique hiring process used by consulting firms.

Management Consulting Academy Information Sheet

Why choose management consulting?

Management consulting is an outstanding way to begin a career for many reasons including:

  • Consultants use the knowledge, skills and abilities gained in their degree program
  • Consultants enhance their already strong ability to problem solve and think critically
  • Consultants develop strong networks across multiple industries and companies

Some firms hire undergraduates for a period of 2-3 years with the intent that they will leave to pursue graduate education. A subset of these firms sponsor select hires to attend graduate school, paying (some of) their education costs. In exchange, the employee commits to return to the firm for a stated time (e.g., two years) or reimburses the firm on a prorated basis. Visit MCA Connect for more information on management consulting.

How does the Management Consulting Academy @ MSU work?

MCA is designed to serve students from across MSU and offers a graduated, immersive and comprehensive experience of curricular and extra-curricular programming including coursework in consulting methods and skills, case interview preparation, networking opportunities, and more.

Structured as an open pathway with intensifying levels of engagement, the overall experience is responsive to the individual’s interest and chosen level of engagement. Attend an MCA Session to learn more about the 3E Engagement Model and 3E Engagement Flow.

Students in the Consulting Academy @ MSU listening to a presentation from a consultant.

Applying to the Management Consulting Academy @ MSU

Consulting Interviews

  • What application process do firms use, and when does it take place?

    As is happening with campus recruiting in general, consulting firms typically start their internship and full-time hiring in September just as soon as classes resume. Deadlines and processes vary by firm, but are likely to include an online application, one or two phone screens for “fit,” and both behavioral and case interviews for the successful candidate. Firms may assign a “buddy” to practice a few case interviews with its candidates, but the applicant must do the bulk of case practice independently. Many successful candidates indicate they did 30-50 practice cases as part of their preparation. Brain teasers, mental math tests and market-sizing questions are common, as well.

  • How can students prepare for case interviews?

    There are a number of resource materials available to students to practice case interviews. Students are encouraged to access MCA Resources section on MCA Connect to access MCA Consulting Resources Repository, MCA Business Case Repository and more.

    Another good place to start are the websites of consulting firms. Under the “Careers” tab, they generally offer sample case interviews for students to try. In addition to reading books and watching videos, it is important to practice with a capable partner willing to critique your performance.

    The MCA offers regular internal and external led training sessions, as well.

  • How do students connect with alumni in the consulting industry?

    Many MSU alumni have or had consulting positions at a variety of consulting firms, including international, regional and boutique organizations. Some individuals make their career in consulting; others join for a lesser time, then choose to pursue other types of positions or return to graduate school. Students must do considerable networking with alumni and employees in an effort to secure internship and full-time position interviews. The MCA will assist students in connecting with firms, primarily through these alumni.

Qualifications Sought by Consulting Firms

  • What do consulting firms seek in candidates?

    Many consulting firms initially screen campus-based applicants on both their GPA and their standardized test scores: ACT/SAT for undergraduates and GMAT/GRE for graduate students. (Yes, undergraduates, some firms consider test scores you earned in your junior year of high school.) Candidates must demonstrate exceptional ability in each of the areas below:

    • analytical and problem-solving skills
    • adeptness in dealing with ambiguity
    • intellectual curiosity
    • entrepreneurial mindset
    • strong written and oral communication skills
    • collaborative teamwork style as well as ability to work independently
    • interpersonal skills that engender confidence in clients and colleagues
  • What academic profile do consulting firms prefer?

    General management consulting firms typically do not have a strong preference for any particular academic focus. Rather, they seek candidates from a variety of backgrounds (business, engineering, liberal arts, etc.) to foster diversity of thought and approach to problem solving. All candidates, without regard to their major, must demonstrate the skills noted above.

    Management consulting firms with subject-area practices and specialized (niche) consulting firms (those with focused expertise in information technology, supply chain management, life sciences as examples) seek majors relevant to their focus.

  • What kind of work and community experiences do consulting firms value?

    Consulting firms consider previous work experience for both graduate and undergraduate applicants. However, many consulting firms do not offer internships; those that do may offer fewer internships than they have full-time openings after graduation. Internships with client firms (Fortune 500 companies for the large consulting firms) can be advantageous. Consulting firms value unique community service projects at home or abroad. In addition, the experience of starting your own business (successfully or not) can enhance a candidate’s appeal. Leadership experience gained through student organizations is a plus, especially a role that results in stories of working through challenges faced. Involvement in a student-run consulting club that incorporates case interview practice is not a requirement but highly preferred.

    Undergraduate Consulting Groups

    Graduate Consulting Groups

Students in the Consulting Academy @ MSU listening to a presentation from a consultant.

Consultant Profiles (Current and Alums)

Headshot of Allan Kiambuthi

Allan Kiambuthi

  • Business Analyst
    McKinsey & Company (Atlanta, GA)

Actuarial Science & Economics, Michigan State University (2023)

Headshot of Andy Park

Andy Park

  • Business Analyst
    Kearney (Chicago, IL)

Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2023)

Anjay Yaple headshot

Anjay Yaple

  • Technology Consultant, Cloud and Digital Strategy
    PwC (Miami, FL)

Applied Engineering, Concentration in Computer Science, Michigan State University (2023)

Consulting is a great place to start one’s career. There is no other field where you learn as much, and in a variety of industries such as consulting.

Headshot of Cameron Levis

Cameron Levis

  • Intern - Procurement and Outsourcing Advisory
    KPMG (Columbus, OH)

Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2024)

I am most excited about a career in consulting because it provides an opportunity to continuously learn new things. Consulting lets people work with multiple industries, geographies, and markets all along one career path, and the constant personal growth that comes as a result is highly valuable and fulfilling.

Headshot of Dhiraj Akkala

Dhiraj Akkala

  • Summer Associate
    Boston Consulting Group (Chicago, IL)

Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2024)

Consulting provides to unique opportunity to work on the most challenging business problems with high-caliber professionals. The exposure that consultants gain opens many doors and is great head start in your career.

Headshot of Brian George

Brian George

  • Associate, Procurement & Outsourcing Advisory
    KPMG (Chicago, IL)

Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2023)

Headshot of Justin Jawanda

Justin Jawanda

  • Consultant
    L.E.K. Consulting
Headshot of Kaushik Chinnam

Kaushik Chinnam

  • Intern - Microsoft Cloud Services Consulting
    Crowe LLP (Chicago, IL)

Data Science and Supply Chain, Michigan State University (2025)

Headshot of Kevin Wang

Kevin G. Wang

  • Delivery Assurance Analyst
    McKinsey & Company (Dallas, TX)

Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2023)

Consulting is an incredible opportunity for anyone to develop themselves, I would highly recommend this career to anyone regardless of major or area of study. With a diverse set of projects and industries as well as the opportunity to interact with a business at its highest level, consulting has attracted me over all other roles due to its profound effect on my personal skills and future career trajectory.

Headshot of Maryam Esho

Maryam Esho

  • Engineering & Manufacturing Value Chain Consulting Analyst
    Accenture (Detroit, MI)

Applied Engineering Sciences, Michigan State University (2023)

Getting a chance to work on business problems from a business and engineering standpoint and implementing new technology to drive more value to the client. Reinventing and reimagining business for the future.

Headshot of Meher Deb Roy

Meher Deb Roy

  • Transformation Supply Chain Consultant

Honors College, Michigan State University (2022)

Headshot of Michael Yamin

Michael Yamin

  • Business Analyst
    BearingPoint (Chicago, IL)

Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2023)

Consulting offers an environment where I can consistently challenge myself and accelerate my learning curve. The ability to face unique problems within various industries captures my utmost interest and prepares me for the future.

Headshot of Rachel Wu

Rachel Wu

  • Business Analyst Intern
    Kearney (Chicago, IL)

Supply Chain Management & Data Science, Michigan State University (2024)

Consulting is an industry that opens the door for continuous learning and rapid development of business acumen for any young professional. I am eager to see this community grow within MSU Broad College of Business to build our Spartan presence in the industry!

Headshot of Riya Patel

Riya Patel

  • Operations Transformation Intern - Management Consulting
    PwC (New York, NY)

Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2024)

I was drawn to consulting due to its diversity and range in work and projects. I wanted to start my career in a place that would consistently challenge me to grow beyond my comfort zone and I found this environment at PwC. The opportunities to experience various sectors and industries with the chance to travel enticed me as well.

Headshot of Shawn Luo

Shawn Luo

  • Strategy & Transactions - Transaction Diligence Staff
    EY (Chicago, IL)

Master of Accounting, Michigan State University (2023)

Consulting is a really broad field, literally, every major/program can transition into the field. However, you need to understand what consulting looks like in your major field/industry, and then find ways to break into it!

Headshot of Zahra Ahmad

Zahra Ahmad

  • Consultant
    Capgemini (New York, NY)

Comparative Cultures and Politics (James Madison College), Michigan State University (2023)

Consulting is a dynamic, interdisciplinary field that will mold you in your early career. I encourage you to exhaust your resources and connections to explore how you can make opportunities available to you.

Students in the Consulting Academy @ MSU listening to a presentation from a consultant.

Alumni Profiles

There are Michigan State University alumni working in management consulting positions across all the major consulting firms nationally. Students in the Management Consulting Academy @ MSU have special opportunities to gain insight from MSU alumni visits and build networking connections in the industry at a very early stage in their careers as a result.

Jaafar Beydoun

Jaafar Raed Beydoun

  • Associate
    McKinsey (Detroit, MI)

Executive MBA from Michigan State University (2018); MS in Supply Chain Management from U of M Dearborn; BS in Marketing from Florida State University

“The industry exposure in Consulting is fantastic. I’ve been blessed in my four years to work within Automotive, CPG, Pharma, and Med Device clients on a variety of topics. At the same time, I love working with people and consulting helps build your team work and client management skills as well.

Chris Chacko

Chris Chacko

  • Technology Consulting Analyst
    Accenture (Chicago, IL)

B.A. Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2019); Consulting Academy @ MSU Alumni

“In my case, consulting was attractive because of the opportunity to learn and develop solutions to clients using emerging technology while tackling real-life industry issues. I think one of my favorite parts has to be the freedom to take your career in whatever direction you want. Being involved in different projects has given me a great idea of what I enjoy doing and how I can take initiative to establish myself in the future. Overall, I think my favorite part has to be the people aspect though. You can create the greatest, most complex solution, but its useless if no one can understand it.”

Kari Jurewicz photo

Kari Jurewicz

  • Associate
    Boston Consulting Group (Detroit, MI)

B.A. Accounting, Michigan State University (2017); M.S. Accounting with concentration in taxation, Michigan State University (2018)

“The opportunity to solve complex problems and work alongside driven, inspirational people drew me to a career in consulting. Since starting my career, everyday has presented new challenges and allowed me to work collaboratively with my team members. My favorite part is having to think holistically about the various aspects of business that impact clients. No two days are the same and it allows me to be a lifelong learner.”

Eddie Koneczny

Eddie Koneczny

  • Advisory Consultant
    Deloitte (Detroit, MI)

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University (2019); Consulting Academy @ MSU Alumni

“I decided to pursue consulting for the opportunity to work in various industries and on diverse projects. It is a great career for those who desire a changing work environment that continuously challenges you. Since starting my career, I have been impressed by the amount consulting firms invest in their employees and I appreciate the emphasis that is placed on building your network.”

Hauser Jordan

Jordan Hauser

  • SeniorManager
    Accenture (Los Angeles, California)

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University (2007)

“While studying Mechanical Engineering, I realized my true passion was less the content and more the analytical problem solving so when looking to business and career opportunities, consulting seemed a perfect fit. After 10+ years, I am still energized daily by the clients I partner with, challenges faced, and unique solutions developed.”

Don Miller headshot

Don Miller

  • Managing Director, Human Capital
    Deloitte Consulting (Seattle, WA)

B.A. Finance/Accounting/Economics, Albion College (2000); MBA, Change Management and Human Resources, Michigan State University (2006)

“Determine which industry and areas of consulting truly excite you. Doing so will keep your interest high and your career moving in the right direction, no matter the engagement or client.”

Adrienne Petersen headshot

Adrienne K. Petersen

  • Principal
    Deloitte Consulting (Chicago, IL)

B.S. Marketing, University of Colorado–Boulder (2000); MBA, Michigan State University (2006)

“I joined Accenture out of undergrad (it was Andersen Consulting at the time) mainly because I was not interested in doing one specific job. I wanted a breadth of experience, and consulting provides the opportunity to work with different clients on various issues. I joined Deloitte out of business school because of the people at the firm and the ability to own my career.”

Dave Ryeson headshot

David Ryeson

  • Associate Director
    Boston Consulting Group (Detroit, MI)

B.A. Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (1986); MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business (2002)

“Relationships are critical with colleagues and clients alike. It sets the foundation for the context of how work gets done and business problems get solved.”

Mike Potts

Mike Potts

  • Consultant
    Bain & Company, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University (2011); MBA-Marketing, Northwestern – Kellogg School of Management (2018)


Swathi Ravishankar

Swathi Ravishankar

  • Sourcing Analyst
    A.T. Kearney

B.A. Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (2019); Consulting Academy @ MSU Alumni

“I chose to pursue a career in consulting for the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment that emphasizes diversity and continuous improvement. I am challenged by my work every day; it reminds me how much there is still to learn! Honestly, I feel there is almost no other industry that can provide me with both the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge I have access to in consulting. Ultimately though, the most fulfilling part is the people. I am fortunate enough to work with some of the brightest, most creative, and analytical minds.”

Students in the Consulting Academy @ MSU listening to a presentation from a consultant.

Contact Information

  • MCA Connect – MSU’s Management Consulting Portal
  • MCA Connect