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One of our greatest assets is our diversity.

Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) is a diverse, team-oriented group of academic specialists, graduate assistants and undergraduate students that represent a wide variety of cultural, economic and racial/ethnic backgrounds. MBP provides a number of opportunities for students within a supportive community, including four active student organizations.

Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) provides continuing student support to help ensure graduation, with individualized academic advising, tutoring, career development and placement. We currently serve more than 650 multicultural students enrolled in business or pre-business majors.

Title is Multifarious: Purpose is not unilateral, it's multilateral. Below that are pictures of 11 guest speakers in a grid format. Event is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm from October 26th through December 9th. Sponsored by Multicultural Business Programs in the Broad College of Business. Room N130/N105 in BCC


This speaker series aims to empower students, staff, faculty, and the community in a way that inspires motivation, and encourages transformation.  By placing messages and leaders in their path, we hope attendees will reflect, and take action in their lives to achieve the success they desire.  Topics and speakers were chosen around the strategic themes of a Global Mindset, Diversity, and Ethics and Leadership.



Week 1: It’s Bigger Than You

  • Tuesday October 26: The Importance of Decision Making – Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn (First 30 students will get a copy of his book ‘Purpose Driven’)
  • Thursday October 28: The Importance of Getting Uncomfortable – Ed Tillett

Week 2: Keeping Your Cool

  • Tuesday November 2: The Principle of Gratitude – Nosa Eguae
  • Thursday November 4: Having Healthy Expectations or What is Hope? – Joshua Langford

Week 3: Look Past the Surface

  • Tuesday November 9: What is love? –  Joshua Langford
  • Thursday November 11: Why being different is an advantage. –  Lauren Aitch-Guerrant

Week 4: Getting Rid of Limitations

  • Tuesday November 16: Dominating your environment – Joshua Langford
  • Thursday November 18: The Principle of Exposure – Bennie Fowler (First 30 students will get a copy of his book ‘Silver Spoon: The Imperfect Guide to Success)

Week 5: It Isn’t Enough to Get an Education

  • Tuesday November 23: Mental and Emotional Health – Jazmine Price
  • Nothing on Thursday November 25, due to Thanksgiving

Week 6: We Need Everybody

  • Tuesday November 30: The power of community – Mark and Jackie Baldwin
  • Thursday December 2: Breaking the view of Culture – Broad College of Business Dean Sanjay Gupta

Week 7: You Can Lead!

  • Tuesday December 7: You Can Lead – Rodger Price
  • Thursday December 9: The Power of Leadership – Mateen Cleaves
MBP students gather around the rock on MSU's campus painted for Latino College Day.

MBP News

Broad College appoints new leaders ahead of 2021–22 year 
This year, we welcome the next generation of college leaders to fill a blend of newly created and existing positions.
Students honor multicultural heroes at 20th annual case competition 
Read highlights from this year’s MBP Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame Case Competition, held virtually on Feb. 17.
Multicultural Business Programs assistant dean Ernest Betts retires from MSU 
Over his 42-year career, Betts pioneered programs based on diversity and inclusion for students in the Broad College.
NABI attendees gather outside Eppley Center for a group photo.

Native American Business Institute

The Native American Business Institute is a weeklong pre-college summer program for sophomore and junior Native American high school students interested in learning about college and careers in business. Participants work with MSU admissions officers, college counselors, tribal community leaders and corporate representatives in a seven-day “business boot-camp” that prepares students for the college application process and exposes them to numerous academic and professional opportunities.

In addition to serving as a recruitment tool, another very important aspect is the creation of a cooperative learning environment for the tribal communities and current MSU/NAHBS college students and staff. Workshops and presentations are directed by the host tribal community to educate the visiting MSU students and staff about the history, culture, business and governmental operations of the host tribal nation. Tours of the host community’s governmental and business operations, most importantly the casino operations, reveals for visiting MSU/NAHBS students misconceptions of Native American people and their surrounding community and business environments.

Native American Community Outreach Project

Implemented in 2007, the Native American Community Outreach Project (NACOP) component of the NABI has strived to create awareness of a university education and business careers for Native American high school students. Through the NACOP, Native American youth are introduced to the planning and preparation needed for entry into higher education.

Activities that were and will continue to be conducted during NACOP visits are workshops developed and led by NAHBS leaders, designed to educate Native American high school students about the expectations and preparations needed for college enrollment and success.

NACOP will also provide team-building exercises led by NAHBS student leaders to increase:

  • Native American student motivation
  • Awareness and desire for academic achievement through early exposure to academic, career and professional opportunities

The main goals of the interaction between MSU/NAHBS students and Native American tribal youth are:

  • To provide current college students as a standing resource for local tribal community students
  • To provide support, encouragement and guidance for Native American youth through the sharing and presentation of current college experiences by MSU/NAHBS students
  • To create a standing resource and family for Native American youth to steadily rely on as they progress towards their college education


  • Who is NABI for?

    Native American high school students who will be in grades 9–12 during the upcoming school year interested in learning more about college and opportunities in business.

  • What is NABI?

    The Native American Business Institute is a FREE week-long pre-college summer program for Native American high school students that will be in grades 9–12 during the upcoming school year. Participants work with MSU admissions officers, college counselors, tribal community leaders and corporate representatives in a seven-day “business boot-camp” that prepares students for the college and exposes them to numerous academic and professional opportunities.

  • When is NABI?

    NABI will be held on the campus of Michigan State University June 22–June 28, 2019.

  • What will I gain from the NABI experience?
    • Develop time management and study skills
    • Receive tips and strategies for gaining admission to college
    • Learn how to navigate the financial aid/scholarship jungle
    • Form lifelong friendships with other Native youth, MSU students and MSU support staff
    • Strengthen communication and interpersonal skills
    • Attend corporate, cultural and leadership development workshops
    • Cultivate a deeper appreciation and understanding of Native cultures
    • Foster networks with business leaders and other professionals
    • Gain exposure to various careers and opportunities in business
    • Most importantly—learn how to WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD!
Student receives advising from Senior Associate Director Darrell King.


MBP offers academic and career advising focusing on assisting students in achieving a higher GPA, admission into the college and completion of major requirements. The advising sessions also focus on career decisions, mock interviews, internship and full-time job concerns.

The MBP offers students a broad range of personal and academic support. Early awareness of academic demands and a definition of career goals are important factors in student success.

We work with students to identify individual strengths, values, interests and goals. In addition, students are assisted with planning academic strategies to overcome academic difficulty and achieve personal career goals.

  • Provide early intervention in students’ academic careers
  • Provide a close monitoring system to support continuing success
  • Provide students with a curriculum plan tailored to individual career goals
  • Promote effective student utilization of university resources
  • Decrease feelings of isolation present in a large university through outreach activities and mentoring relationships
  • Stimulate student achievement through encouragement and motivation
  • Provide special guidance to students who are having academic difficulty

We conduct special outreach for students on academic probation in order to redirect their scholastic performance.

To sign up for an advising session, call (517) 353-3524.

MBP students in Michigan State apparel pose and smile during a


The Multicultural Business Program offers free tutorial services to undergraduate students during the fall and spring semesters on a first-come-first-serve basis. This service provides approximately 200–350 students each semester with support in certain core business courses. Our tutors help students review concepts and practice problem solving and applications for these specific courses.


MBP currently offers tutorial assistance in the following areas.

  • ACC 201
  • ACC 202
  • CSE 102
  • EC 201
  • EC 202
  • MTH 103 A/B
  • MTH 103
  • MTH 124
  •  STT 200

Find a Tutor

Students are assigned tutorial sessions on a semester-by-semester basis. These tutorial sessions meet twice a week and occur on either Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sign up for MBP’s tutorial services begins during the first week of class each semester. Due to student demand, tutorial sessions fill up fast, and usually all tutorial spaces are full within the first three weeks of the semester. Applications are available online or at the reception desk outside 418 Eppley Center.

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Become a Tutor

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Tutorial positions are filled primarily through advance hiring at the end of each semester for the following academic semester. However, some vacancies are filled at the beginning of each semester due to increased student demand. Applications are available at the MBP reception desk outside room 418 Eppley Center.

Reminder: If you drop the course you are being tutored in and want to cancel your tutorial session, wish to change the subject in which you are being tutored, or need to update your schedule of availability, you will need to contact the tutorial coordinator at (517) 353-3524 or stop by 417 Eppley Center for instructions on how to make the above changes.

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Large gathering of MBP students before a fall outdoor event.

MBP Student Organizations

Student organizations are a great way to become involved with Multicultural Business Programs. They give you a chance to meet students with similar interests, develop your leadership and communication skills, learn about corporations and attend conferences.

Membership is open to all MSU students, including non-business majors who have interest in the business field. Membership dues are $30 a year for your first organization and $10 for each additional organization.

Multicultural Business Students (MBS) of MSU represents a diverse group of students in the Broad College of Business and related majors. Activities include professional development workshops, an annual leadership retreat and a holiday reception.

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Lifting as We Climb

The National Association of Black Accountants of MSU (NABA) is an undergraduate professional student organization representing a diverse group of students in the Broad College of Business and related majors.

NABA offers different opportunities to those who participate through bi-weekly meetings. NABA is not only a local organization at MSU, but is also a national organization. NABA hosts social events, facilitates tutoring and organizes activities such as corporate site visits.

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Native American and Hispanic Business Students (NAHBS) focuses on developing its membership as professionals, strengthening their bond as a family away from home and giving back to the community. By fostering these three facets, NAHBS develop dynamic, impactful Spartan leaders. NAHBS activities include social events, professional development workshops and the Native American and Latino Outreach Program.

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The Women in Business Students’ Association (WBSA) is a student organization that is part of Multicultural Business Programs within the Broad College of Business. WBSA provides students with an opportunity to establish relationships with Fortune 500 companies at bi-weekly membership meetings and other annual events. WBSA provides students with the opportunity to build personal bonds with other students with similar interests.

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Students take notes while attending the Multicultural Business Student Success Academy.

Multicultural Business Success Academy

Multicultural Business Success Academy (MBSA) is a program designed for students who are a part of the Summer Business Institute that extends the experience into the freshman year by providing additional resources and support toward students on their road to success. MBSA offers a three-credit course called BUS 291. This hybrid course includes online and in-class participation.

Learn More about MBSA

Students pose and smile with their certificates at the MBP Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame.

Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame Case Competition

Multicultural Business Programs accepts applications from October to January each academic year for the Black History Month Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame Case Competition. Applications will be available online and at 417 Eppley Center in October. The competition is open to all MSU undergraduates.

Teams must consist of three MSU undergraduates. Each team selects a multicultural hero from the list provided on the application. A team has 10 minutes to make their case, including a biographical overview, how their hero has carried and passed the torch of justice, how their hero contributed to the struggle for human rights, the relationship between their hero and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and why he/she should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The winning team is selected by a panel of judges and will receive a $3,000 grand prize.

Advisory Board

The Multicultural Business Programs Advisory Board is made up of MSU-MBP alumni who are committed to the MBP vision of encouraging students from all cultural, economic and racial/ethnic backgrounds to pursue higher education, a business degree and a professional business career.

The MBP staff invited a select group of MSU-MBP Alumni to apply for the advisory board and interviewed each candidate extensively. Advisory board members were selected based on their commitment to the MBP vision, their professional experiences and their passion for student success. The advisory board has two formal meetings each academic year, and board members are involved in various student activities and programs.

Giving to MBP

The Multicultural Business Endowment Campaign is an effort started by MSU alumni to raise funds to establish an endowment to honor Ernest S. Betts for the Multicultural Business Program (MBP) in the Eli Broad College of Business. Dr. Betts is the founder and has been the director of MBP since its inception as an academic unit in the college in 1986. Over the years, under his leadership, MBP has grown into a prominent program because of his dedication, vision and commitment to a diverse community that fosters a supportive environment. In 1996, Dr. Betts became assistant dean for the unit. This endowment not only will honor Dr. Betts, but also will ensure the program’s continued excellence and commitment to a multicultural community for future students of the Broad College. We urge you to take a moment and give to the Multicultural Business Program Endowment honoring Dr. Betts.

Why is the Dr. Ernest S. Betts Endowment for Multicultural Business Programs important?

  • Provides continued income to fund the program and ensure a sustained level of excellence
  • Ensures the program will remain a vital part of the Eli Broad College of Business
  • Ensures the services will exist for future students
  • Offers a dependable, perpetual source of funding
  • Honors Dr. Betts for his commitment to multicultural students at MSU

If you’d like more information on this endowment, please contact Darrell King via email at or by phone at (517) 353-3524.

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Corporate Partners

Multicultural Business Programs is grateful for the continued financial and in-kind support from our corporate partners. Corporate representatives make a critical contribution to MBP’s effectiveness by investing time teaching, inspiring and mentoring MSU students. The partnership between the MBP staff and our corporate partners is necessary for student success.

Attendees of Education Abroad experience in South Africa pose behind sign marking the Cape of Good Hope.

Contact Information

  • Special Projects Coordinator
  • Lauren Aitch-Guerrant
  • Phone: (517) 353-3524

MSU Multicultural Center

Michigan State University is engaging in the early stages of building a campus multicultural center.