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Intern Profiles

Michigan State University Broad College of Business students travel the world every year on internships. They gain valuable work experience and get an opportunity to make connections that can last a lifetime. For a snapshot of where some of our interns landed this summer and to gain insight into what they learned from the experience, see the interactive page below.

Norah (Nuo) Xu
MS Accounting
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board - Washington, DC

“My internship at Office of Research and Analysis not only provides me with a great opportunity to put what I’ve learned into actual work, but also inspires me to further pursue my interest in accounting and information systems. I capture raw financial data and analyze them to provide useful information to users, and it is really great to see the process from the beginning to the end.”

Jaztan Teen
BA Marketing
General Motors - Detroit, MI

“I now understand that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing a certain job for or how proficient you are in your skillset - if you allow yourself to be completely open-minded and insightful, you’ll leave each meeting, conversation, or event with a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Arieonna Carter
BA Marketing
Enterprise Rent-a-Car - Grand Blanc, MI

“At my internship I have learned how to cooperate with my team and excel in providing great customer service. I've also learned different techniques on how to sell product for my company.”

Aaron Stanek
BA Supply Chain Management
AbbVie - North Chicago, IL

“I have been learning a lot about contracts and negotiations. I am learning a lot about building quality contracts with suppliers and finding places to save money within our contracts. I have also been comparing supplier rate cards in order to determine best prices and find opportunities to renegotiate.”

Kayla DeCook
BA Supply Chain Management
Hess Corp. - Houston, TX

“I have developed an appreciation for the amount of effort that goes into implementing lean principles in an organization, as well as the powerful and positive impact that they can yield. I have developed an appreciation for how critical it is to build standard processes and metric keeping, to track progress and accomplishments towards overall improvements.”

TJ Ake
MBA Finance
Lancaster Pollard - Columbus, OH

“My favorite experience has been researching how the firm could implement an equity private placement product for clients. Throughout the summer, I have conducted private placement market research, modeled potential offerings, researched the legal and compliance guidelines, and built a presentation for senior leadership.”

Erica Mansour
BA Supply Chain Management
AbbVie - North Chicago, IL

“At AbbVie, interns are encouraged to talk to people from all business facets to learn about the company. I have gotten the opportunity to talk one on one with senior management to expand my knowledge of the business as a whole. Not only am I learning about supply chain, but also understanding where it fits in the big picture.”

Leslie Ruddy
MBA Marketing, Supply Chain
US Cellular - Chicago, IL

“I have had the opportunity to create a recommendation for a new product service and perform several analyses on the industry. Through these projects, I have been able to learn more about the industry and company, and get a better understanding of what components are involved in developing a go-to-market strategy.”

Landon Terzich
MBA Marketing
MAHLE Industries - Troy, MI

“I’ve learned the value of a penny. When moving extremely large amounts of inventory, it is imperative your pricing is spot on, down to the penny. This may seem axiomatic, but when you’re faced with an RFQ for millions of units for a relatively expensive product, it is crucial you’re not overpricing and losing the contract and large sums of revenue and not underpricing and losing large sums of revenue.”

Carson Hotaling
BA Supply Chain Management
General Motors - Warren, MI

“I have learned about the sourcing process for purchasing interior components.”

Andrea Ortiz
MS Marketing Research
Wendy’s - Dublin, OH

“I have learned the power that consumer insights can have over the success of a company, if used correctly. My favorite experience was flying to Atlanta to assist in a focus group with Hispanics.”

Timothy Garmo
General Motors - Detroit, MI

“As an MBA, the work is difficult, ambiguous, and strategic. Thus, there is never one right answer to a problem. Rather, it is more important to come to a recommendation in an unbiased manner and to justify a recommendation.”

Sanjay Kallumkal
BA Accounting
Deloitte - Detroit, MI

“My favorite internship experience so far was working at the client site. I have learned how to be a better professional as well as manage multiple tasks at a time and get them done quickly and effectively. I am learning what it means to be a professional who can be a valuable asset to my team.”

Ryan Peterson
BA Marketing
Stryker - Kalamazoo, MI

“To whom much is given, much is expected. But Stryker doesn't settle for expected; we continually strive to innovate and make healthcare better. I have had the opportunity to address various service issues from a marketing standpoint along with gaining a better understanding of the complexities of service from a global branding and marketing perspective.”

Maria Pfaffinger
BA Supply Chain Management
AFN Logistics - Niles, IL

“From this internship so far, I have learned how important a client-customer relationship is. I knew how important customer service is, but I never realized how much further it can go. Some very successful carrier sales employees around me have developed friendships with many of their carriers and get in contact with them to talk to them about more than just business. These relationships have developed into a lot of success because of the level of trust and loyalty.”

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