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We’re here to support your journey.

Broad College academic advisors are coordinators of your undergraduate experience. We provide critical information about academic programs and degree requirements, education abroad, leadership development, major choices, career options, policies and procedures, and campus resources.

The following services are for students currently pursuing or interested in pursuing all Broad majors except hospitality business. Students currently pursuing or interested in pursuing hospitality business have access to customized hospitality business advising services.

Drop-in Academic Advising

Drop-in advising is not available in the summer. Please check back in late August for the Fall semester schedule.

Drop-in advising is a first-come, first-served in-person advising service; no appointment needed. Students must be signed in at least 10 minutes prior to the end of the session to be seen by an advisor (this limit may be adjusted based on capacity).

Location: Undergraduate Academic Services, E101 Eppley Center (1st floor)


Email an advisor:
send general questions that apply to all Broad undergrad students to

30-Minute Academic Advising Appointment (Monday-Friday)

These are individual appointments for students to ask questions, plan schedules, discuss academic concerns and make sure they are on track for graduation. To make the most of your advising appointment, please prepare for your academic advising appointment. Students must make appointments online in advance and are required to cancel in advance through the scheduling system if they cannot attend a scheduled appointment.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in academic advising interactions independently. However, if a student wishes to include another person in the advising appointment, a Release of Information Authorization must be completed and sent to the advisor (via MSU email) prior to the appointment.

Release of Information Authorization for Broad Academic Advising Appointments (PDF)

Student Rights Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

How to Use the Appointment System

  • Log in with your MSU NetID and password, and two-factor authentication
  • From the Students homepage, select the “Academic Progress” tile
  • Click the tab on the left, labeled “Advising/Tutoring Appointments”
  • Click “Create New Appointment”
  • Category: “Advising”
  • Advising/Tutoring Unit: “Broad College of Business”
  • Reason: “0505” for Business Advising
    • Note: RBC = 0506 and Hospitality Business = 0508
  • Select “In-person Appointment” or “Zoom Appointment” for your appointment type

For in-depth instructions on how to schedule an appointment, visit the SIS Help page.

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are released Wednesdays for the following week.

How to Use Zoom for Appointments

Students have access to Zoom through MSU’s technology platform. Go to MSU Zoom to log in with your MSU NetID and password.

Learn to Use Zoom


Residential Business Community (RBC) Students

RBC students are encouraged to meet with Sherri Henry, Marcell King, or Joe Courtade Moon.

International Student Forms

The following forms must be completed by designated advisors in UAS: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and I-20 Extension.

Dual Enrollment, Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Reduced Course Load (RCL) forms can be completed by any advisor from the Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) office in the Broad College of Business. Dual Enrollment and RCL forms can be completed via email; OPT forms must be completed via MyOISS.

CPT or I-20 Extension Forms

Forms can be accessed on the OISS website and should be sent to Max Olivero ( via MSU email. Please submit all necessary forms and documentation. You must complete the student sections on the form prior to sending it to Max.

For CPT application, submit 1.) CPT Form (with student section complete), 2.) Job description (explaining role and job duties), and 3.) Offer letter (on company letterhead).

Broad Academic Advisors

Students are not assigned a specific advisor. You can see any academic advisor listed below–the advisors work with students in all Broad majors and minors, except hospitality business.

Advisors facilitate freshman seminars, advise student organizations, administer the college/major admission process, coordinate special programs and events, serve as a reference if we know you well, certify your graduation and work with university administrators on your behalf. We look forward to serving you and getting to know you during your college career!

profile photo of Lillian Brooks

Lillian Brooks

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor

profile photo of Katie Burley

Katie Burley

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Accounting Major
Management Major
Human Resource Management Major
Business Minor

profile photo of Jeremy Dewar

Jeremy Dewar

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Business Preference Major
Sports Business Management Minor

profile photo of Pradnya Joshi

Pradnya Joshi

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Marketing Major
Sales Leadership Minor

profile photo of Andrea Klinger

Andrea Klinger

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Finance Major
Insurance & Risk Management Minor
Financial Planning & Wealth Management Minor
Retail Management Minor

profile photo of Hannah Larrabee-Walcutt

Hannah Larrabee-Walcutt

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Supply Chain Management Major

profile photo of Christie Mennenga

Christie Mennenga

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Information Technology Minor

profile photo of Max Olivero

Max Olivero

  • Assistant Director of Global Support Services
    Undergraduate Academic Services

International Business Minor
CPT or I-20 Extension Forms

profile photo of Dan Watson

Dan Watson

  • Academic Advisor
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Business Admit Major

profile photo of Tess Zbozien

Tess Zbozien

  • Assistant Director of Academic Orientation
    Undergraduate Academic Services
profile photo of Dwight Handspike

Dwight Handspike

  • Director of Academic Advising & Student Success Initiatives
    Undergraduate Academic Services
profile photo of Melanie Wallace

Melanie Wallace

  • Director of Undergraduate Admissions & Transition Initiatives
    Undergraduate Academic Services

Prepare for Your Academic Advising Appointment

  • Fill out all requested information in the online appointment system. If you do not provide complete information, your appointment may be cancelled. We ask that you do not schedule multiple appointments within a short time (1-2 weeks), as appointment times are limited and in high demand.
  • Know the requirements.
  • If your appointment will include a discussion of future class schedule planning, please attempt to plan a tentative schedule in your Shopping Cart using the Classes tile on the Student home page of SIS.
  • From the Students home page in SIS, select the Academic Progress tile to see how you have progressed towards graduation.
  • Make a written list of questions you plan to ask during your appointment.
  • Bring any forms you need signed with you in paper form – you will not have access to print forms in your advisor’s office.
  • Identify transfer credit equivalencies using Transfer MSU, although it’s always best to confirm this information with an academic advisor if you have any questions.
  • Research Education Abroad options using the Via TRM portal – a great way to identify and favorite your preferred programs.

Students who are unable to enroll in courses due to certain restrictions or because the class is currently full may request an enrollment system override in order to enroll.

Broad Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) advisors cannot grant overrides. Students must fill out the online request form (for Broad courses) or follow departmental procedures (for courses outside Broad).

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Information for Broad majors and non-Broad majors on the policies regarding changing into and out of majors.

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Reach your maximum academic potential while utilizing the academic support offered by Michigan State and the Eli Broad College of Business. We offer a host of free support services—individual and group peer tutoring, and academic skills workshops—as well as space to gather and study with peers.

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Currently enrolled MSU students may submit business-subject courses for evaluation by Broad College faculty reviewers by submitting the Transfer Course Evaluation Request Form online. Read the Transfer Course Policy and Request Process for a complete explanation of the Broad College transfer course policy.

Education Abroad coursework is evaluated through a separate process. Please email Max Olivero with program and course information to initiate this process.

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Coursework for direct enroll and exchange programs must be evaluated and approved prior to program departure. Please submit Education Abroad syllabi for evaluation using the Broad Education Abroad Course Request Form online.

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Contact Us

  • Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS)
  • Eppley Center
  • 667 N Shaw Ln Rm E101
  • East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Phone: (517) 355-7605