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Students who are unable to enroll in courses due to certain restrictions or because the class is currently full may request an enrollment system override in order to enroll. Submission of an override request does not guarantee that the request will be granted. All requests will be reviewed, and students will receive a response typically within a few business days of submitting the form.

Broad Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) advisors cannot grant overrides. Students must fill out the online request form (for Broad courses) or follow departmental procedures (for courses outside Broad).

Override Requests for Broad College Courses

Broad College undergraduate courses using this process will have the following course prefixes: ACC, BUS, FI, GBL, HB, ITM, MKT, MGT and SCM.

To request a course override, please use our online request system.

You will fill out basic information about your override request by submitting a ticket on this web page. You will receive an email about the decision of your override request. You can also look up the status of your request by looking up the ticket you submitted by selecting “Look up a Ticket.”

Request a Broad Course Override

Submitting an Override Request

  1. Please only submit one override request per course. Submitting more than one request for the same course can cause challenges that can affect your initial request.
  2. Once you have submitted your request, please wait for the academic department staff to respond to you by email. Your request will be addressed in the order received, and response will be sent in a timely manner.
  3. If you have submitted your request prior to an override period ending, the period has now ended and you have not received a response: please wait patiently as the department will still review your request as long as your override was submitted before the cut-off date.

Wondering if you would qualify for an override? Take the Override Quiz to find out!

Override Requests for Non-Broad Courses