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Push forward the frontiers of marketing thought.

The marketing doctoral program at Michigan State is designed to prepare individuals for a career of significance in marketing scholarship and teaching at research universities.

Marketing Ph.D. Program Viewbook

Ph.D. Marketing Program Overview

The marketing faculty in the Broad College are interested in working with prospective graduate students who show the potential to become top scholars in the field. The research productivity of the marketing faculty consistently ranks among the leading research intensive universities in the world. We look forward to you joining the Ph.D. program as we endeavor to push forward the frontiers of marketing thought.

Research Environment

Explicitly focused on marketing strategy, the Ph.D. in Marketing program trains researchers interested in topics such as brand and new product management, relationship marketing and corporate strategy. The program is supportive, collaborative and focused on publishing top marketing research papers.

Through research assistantships, doctoral students form, develop, manage and execute theoretically sound and statistically valid marketing research projects. Students gain hands-on experience conducting thorough literature reviews; developing and writing conceptual framework and hypotheses development sections; collecting and analyzing data using advanced statistical methods; and supporting why their research is relevant.

The Byington Marketing Speaker Series provides doctoral students the opportunity to meet with some of the top marketing researchers in the world. Past guest speakers included Neil Morgan (Indiana University), Robert Palmatier (University of Washington), Robert Meyer (Wharton), and Roland Rust (Maryland).


The department forms partnerships with major firms both within and outside the state of Michigan, in addition to companies involved in Executive Development Programs, Broad College alumni and numerous campus centers.

The university also provides strong econometrics, management, psychology and supply chain management support courses to fill out a student’s minor.

Marketing Doctoral Program Handbook

Students are admitted to the doctoral program only for a fall semester start and on a full-time basis. Find out more about admission criteria and the application process.

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Faculty-student collaboration is a significant part of the Broad experience. Doctoral students have the opportunity to work with some of the top researchers across multiple disciplines. Find out more about the research opportunities for marketing doctoral students at MSU.

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The marketing faculty at the Michigan State University Broad College of Business are among the best in the world. Find out more about our faculty currently working with doctoral students.

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See a roster of current doctoral students in the program as well as a listing of our graduates’ placements.

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Get answers to common questions regarding the Ph.D. in Marketing program at Broad.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

All doctoral students are supported by graduate (teaching/research) assistantships. There is no separate application for assistantships. For the last several years, the typical doctoral student earns approximately $30,000 each year in addition to their tuition waivers and health insurance coverage.

According to our marketing Ph.D. graduates, research assistantships are paramount to learning how to submit their research to top marketing journals after graduation.

Contact Information

  • Department of Marketing
  • Business College Complex
  • 632 Bogue St Rm N370
  • East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Phone: (517) 353-6381
  • Fax: (517) 432-1112