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The future of business is inspired here.

The Broad College of Business operates within several facilities on Michigan State University’s main East Lansing campus as well as locations elsewhere in the state.

Front exterior of Eppley Center on a sunny day

Eppley Center (EPP)

The Eugene C. Eppley Center is located on Shaw Lane in the heart of MSU’s main campus. It is connected to the Minskoff Pavilion and North Business Building. Eppley Center is home to offices for faculty and staff, as well as student services. The School of Hospitality Business, Department of Finance, Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) and Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) are all housed in Eppley Center.

Address: 667 N Shaw Ln, East Lansing, MI 48824

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Aerial photo of the exterior of the MSU College of Law building, which houses the Gast Business Library.

Gast Business Library

The William C. Gast Business Library is located in Room 50 of the MSU College of Law Building, across Shaw Lane from the Eppley Center. It is the largest of the MSU Libraries’ branches.

Address: 648 N Shaw Ln Rm 50, East Lansing, MI 48824

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The front exterior entrance to the Henry Center for Executive Development, as seen at night.

Henry Center for Executive Development

Since opening in October 2001, the James B. Henry Center for Executive Development has served as Michigan State University’s primary home for professional and executive education. Located just southwest of the main MSU campus, the Henry Center is the site of Broad’s Executive Development Programs and also serves as the Lansing campus for the Broad Executive MBA program.

Address: 3535 Forest Rd, Lansing, MI 48910

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Front exterior entrance to the Management Education Center (MEC) in Troy, Michigan, as seen on a sunny summer day.

Management Education Center (MEC)

The Management Education Center sits on more than 25 acres in Troy, Michigan. The expansive facility boasts 25,000 square feet of flexible learning space. Integrated technology, ergonomic seating and on-demand, in-person support distinguish the MEC as best-in-class to support students and other clients’ needs. The MEC serves as the Troy campus for the Broad Executive MBA program.

Address: 811 W Square Lake Rd, Troy, MI 48098

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Interior ceiling of the Minskoff Pavilion

Minskoff Pavilion

The Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion is located on Shaw Lane, connected to the Eppley Center and North Business Building. It is a state-of-the-art facility covering 100,000 square feet and houses both the Russell Palmer Career Management Center and the Full-Time MBA program. The Minskoff Pavilion’s design is focused around the concept of enhancing the Broad student experience with flexible spaces and cutting-edge technology. A Panera Bread is also located on the ground level of the facility.

Address: 651 N Shaw Ln, East Lansing, MI 48824

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The Business College Complex exterior as seen at dusk.

North Business Building (BCC)

The North Business Building is located on Bogue Street, connected to the Minskoff Pavilion and Eppley Center. Situated on the banks of the Red Cedar, it is currently home to many core business courses as well as many of the offices of Broad’s faculty, including the Office of the Dean.

Address: 632 Bogue St, East Lansing, MI 48824

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The Entrepreneurship Lab, Photo Credit LMN Architects

Experiential Labs

Broad business students learn by doing. They apply what they learn in classroom settings to real-world contexts. There are several innovative laboratories and spaces designed around experiential, hands-on learning at the Broad College.

Broad Behavioral Lab desktop computer view

Broad Behavioral Lab

The Broad Behavioral Lab is a research facility designed to conduct cutting-edge research on how people make decisions and interact in a range of settings, from the workplace to the marketplace. The Lab allows Broad researchers to pursue MSU’s mission of advancing knowledge and transforming lives to expand human understanding and make a positive difference.

Wall inside the Ernst & Young Communication Center, filled with quotes about communication.

Ernst & Young Communication Center (EYCC)

The Ernst & Young Communication Center assists master’s in accounting students in developing and refining their interviewing, public speaking and writing skills. Located in room N210 of the Business College Complex, the EYCC is a unique and valuable resource that provides MSA students with a space for resume reviews, mock interviews, paper critiques, presentation development and rehearsal, one-to-one and small group communication consultations, and filming.

Looking through glass into the Financial Analysis Lab in Eppley Center on the campus of MSU.

Financial Analysis Laboratory

The Financial Analysis Lab provides the opportunity for hands-on training in financial modeling and valuation. The lab’s hardware and software not only emulate a real trading room but also enable a dynamic instructional setting. The lab is equipped with dual-screen computers and a number of Bloomberg terminals. The lab is located in room 104 of the Eppley Center.

The Entrepreneurship Lab

Entrepreneurship Lab

The Entrepreneurship Lab is the front door for entrepreneurship and venture creation on the campus of Michigan State University. This flexible space, located in the Minskoff Pavilion, hosts high-impact, entrepreneurial academic experiences and courses in a dynamic setting. The facility is outfitted with the latest technology to give the space a modernized feel and accommodate the needs of today’s entrepreneurial students.

Undergraduate students in the Broad College of Business working in a lab space on laptops.

IBM On-Demand Supply Chain Laboratory

The IBM Supply Chain Lab provides the space for students and faculty to study, simulate and test the key relationships in an end-to-end supply chain, focusing on the dynamic flow of information and the resulting interdependencies. The lab was constructed through a Shared University Research (SUR) award from IBM, consisting of IBM software, eServer and storage technologies. The IBM Supply Chain Laboratory, located in room 110 of the Eppley Center, serves as an environment for modeling and analysis of an on-demand supply chain.

The Brian and Michele Kesseler Team Leadership Lab

Kesseler Team Leadership Lab

The Brian and Michele Kesseler Team Leadership Lab provides a space to examine basic psychological issues related to how teams make decisions under stress, the effects of team structures on performance and the ability of teams to adjust and restructure as situational demands shift. It features a military simulation that challenges team decision-making skills. Through the combination of traditional lecture-based classes and team simulation, students are able to gain greater insight into both leadership and team processes.

Students attend class in the Culinary Business Learning Lab inside the Kellogg Center.

Marriott Foundation Culinary Business Learning Lab (CBLL)

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Culinary Business Learning Lab houses a demonstration theater, teaching kitchens, dining room and a “Hall of Fame” for alumni of the School of Hospitality Business. The CBLL occupies more than 11,000 square feet in the garden level of the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.

Business College Complex Hours

Monday–Friday | 7:00am-10:30pm
Saturday–Sunday | 12:00pm-10:30pm

Home Football Game Days: CLOSED


Please submit your suggestions for our Business College Complex facilities team via email to

  • Facilities Manager
  • Neil Brecheisen
  • Minskoff Pavilion
  • 651 N Shaw Ln Rm M100P
  • East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Phone: (517) 353-0544
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Rear exterior of the Minskoff Pavilion

Broad College Policies

The Eli Broad College of Business conforms to the policies and ordinances set in place by the MSU Board of Trustees. A comprehensive list of these policies and ordinances can be found on the Board of Trustees website. We have only highlighted the most common policies.

  • Animals

    Only service animals providing assistance to individuals with disabilities are allowed inside the Business College Complex. Violations of this ordinance are subject to a 90-day misdemeanor.

    MSU Board of Trustees Ordinance 23.00

  • Displaying Flyers/Signs

    There are three public bulletin boards located on the ground floor and first floor of the Business College Complex. Flyers can be displayed on this board for up to 14 days. The following information must be included on the flyer:

    • Name
    • Contact information (email or phone)
    • Date posted

    Posters left longer than 14 days or ones that do not contain the requested information will be removed. Any materials placed in areas other than the public bulletin boards will be removed.

    MSU Board of Trustees Ordinance 28.01

  • Locker Usage

    Use of the lockers is restricted to MSU students, faculty and staff. Lockers are available on a first-come basis and available for temporary use only.

    The Eli Broad College of Business is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged. Locks are not provided or maintained by the Broad College. Lockers are not considered to be secure spaces, and it is not advised to store any valuables inside a locker.

    Usage restrictions:

    • An individual may have only one locker at a time.
    • Absolutely no food or drink may be left in a locker. Any food/drink found in a locker will be discarded and locker privileges will be revoked.
    • Items that may create annoying smells or noises may not be placed in the lockers and will be removed.
    • Illegal substances/material may not be stored in lockers. If such items are found, they will be confiscated and turned over to the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety.
    • Lockers are owned by the Broad College of Business and are subject to inspection at any time at the discretion of the Facilities Manager.
    • Lockers must be emptied by the Friday of finals week at the end of each semester. Lockers will be cleaned out, items donated and any remaining locks cut during the week after finals each semester.
  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found is located in the Minskoff Pavilion, Suite M100. Please turn in lost and found items to the Facilities Team in M100. Cell phones, car keys and other highly valuable items will be turned in to the MSU Police Department at the end of the business day. All other items will be held for 14 days before being turned over to the MSU Police Department or donated to MSU Salvage.

  • Scooters, Rollerblades, Skateboards and Other Mobility Devices

    Mobility devices used for non-medical reasons are prohibited within the complex. Michigan State University has established policies, ordinances and regulations to reduce the risk of fire hazards in campus buildings. Given the current risk of fire associated with hoverboards, electric mobility devices and other similar equipment and the lack of recognized safety standards for hoverboards, electric mobility devices and other similar equipment, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees hereby prohibits the use, charging, storage and possession of hoverboards, electric mobility devices and other similar equipment in all University buildings.

    No person upon roller skates, rollerblades, a skateboard, in-line skates or similar devices shall go in or upon any parking ramp, buildings, gardens or any other posted areas.

    MSU Board of Trustees Ordinance 12.01, 33.00, & 38.00

  • Tobacco Usage

    Use of tobacco, including vaping, is prohibited on MSU’s campus.

    MSU Board of Trustees Ordinance 29.00

  • Vendors, Tabling, Selling and Advertising

    Only registered student organizations (RSOs), Broad College units, recruiters that go through the Russell Palmer Career Management Center, and MSU organizations approved by the Facilities Manager will be allowed to set up tables in the Broad College. Outside vendors will not be allowed to table in the Broad College. Unauthorized groups will be asked to leave. These events must be coordinated with the Dean’s Office and the Facilities Manager by emailing Sign stands will indicate the approved location where tables may be placed on the day of the event. Tables must be staffed during the entire requested booking period or else they will be considered a no-show. 

    • No Broad College furniture or equipment can be used or moved to accommodate a tabling event. 
    • Groups must provide their own table, chairs, power strips, etc. 
    • Tables are not allowed to be set up in the Eppley Center or Minskoff Pavilion.  
    • Materials may not be adhered to the walls or surfaces other than property brought in by the tabling group. 
    • All trash and other items must be removed at the end of the event. 
    • Latex balloons are not allowed within the Business College Complex. 

     Registered Student Organizations (RSO)Must request the hallway space through Student Life who will review the request and forward to the Dean’s Office for approval. RSOs will be informed of and must adhere to the policies listed above. RSOs that no-show multiple tabling event requests will have scheduling restrictions imposed for future events. 

     Please feel free to email the Dean’s Office at with any questions. 


    MSU Board of Trustees Ordinance 27.00