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100% online certificate programs designed for professionals.

Improve your job performance and marketability by mastering some of today’s most important business disciplines through certificate program offerings from Michigan State. Gain the versatile skills, immediately applicable knowledge and valuable credentials that can help you advance in your current career path or provide you with the flexibility to move into a new field or competitive industry with greater growth potential.

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Supply Chain Management Online Programs

Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management – Global Supply Chain

Challenging times in global supply chain management reveal a need for leaders who have been trained by the best. This program is one of three advanced procurement management concentrations offered 100% online and is designed to help students gain a big picture understanding of procurement strategies in a global supply chain context. Students will also learn best practices in relationship building, strategic sourcing, supply optimization and risk management.

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Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management – Strategic Negotiation

This program examines the critical role supply base management plays in the success and competitive positioning of an organization. It reveals the “how” and “why” of rethinking and evolving your current sourcing and supply base strategies. Discover the most effective methods for evaluating and negotiating with suppliers and creating sustainable competitive advantage for your organization and across the supply chain.

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Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management – Strategic Sourcing

Supply chains are becoming ever more complicated due to changing technology, fluctuating supply costs and unpredictable economic factors. Purchasing managers must be highly adaptive, knowledgeable and prepared to implement supply management strategies that will function within an organization’s competitive goals. This professional development program can help you gain the techniques and know-how to answer these ever-present challenges. The program delves into the indispensable part strategic sourcing plays in any organization’s success.

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Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Operations

This online program is ideal for professionals working in any operations capacity in the supply chain and is designed to provide insight into effective planning and operations, as well as the integrated supply chain overall. Master a variety of decision tools for maximum efficiency, improving your competitive performance and your bottom line. You’ll gain the ability to identify key elements of manufacturing planning and control (MPC) systems, while developing proactive leadership skills.

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Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Procurement

Gain critical insight into how to manage the flow of products from sourcing and acquisition through delivery to the customer. Benefitting procurement and sourcing professionals especially, this online program can help you achieve a competitive advantage through the development and implementation of a successful procurement strategy.

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Advanced Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management

Supply chain function duties often overlap, especially at the highest levels. Master all facets of the new paradigm of supply chain management with this comprehensive, 100 percent online certificate program. Providing the essentials every supply chain professional needs in this competitive environment, this program covers end-to-end integration, value creation, supply chain innovation, market distribution, procurement, planning and control.

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Advanced Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Procurement

Master the supply function of supply chain management and learn to be more agile, informed and capable of developing proactive supply management strategies that align with your organization’s competitive objectives. You’ll gain critical insight using real-world case studies, time-tested strategies and knowledge from many leading campus-based master’s level faculty, who will teach you how to effectively evaluate and select suppliers as well as manage the flow of products from sourcing and acquisition through delivery to the customer.

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Master Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management

Supply chain globalization has transformed how and where value is created – globalization is now embedded directly into an organization’s value proposition. The demand for supply chain professionals with capabilities of looking beyond borders and their functional roles increases as the rapid rate of globalization continues. Gain a competitive advantage in emerging global markets through the coordination and integration of your company’s logistics, operations, purchasing and market channels.

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Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management

This online program is ideally suited for professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge base across the functions within the integrated supply chain. From strategic sourcing and procurement to operations to logistics and distribution, this certificate provides tools and techniques you can apply in this rapidly changing industry.

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Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

This online program, benefitting professionals in all areas of the supply chain and more specifically those in the logistics and distribution area, is designed to provide successful strategies for an integrated supply chain. Learn how to drive operational excellence with logistical tools to maximize customer service and profitability in your market distribution strategy.

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Strategic Leadership and Management Online Programs

Graduate Certificate in HR Management & Development

As companies form and expand, there is demand for HR managers and executives who can strategically manage and develop an effective workforce. Focused on leading individuals as well as meeting long-term organizational goals, Broad’s Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and Development helps you connect core functions of HR, including compensation, training and development, talent management, and labor relations to overall business strategy. Gain the knowledge and skills to improve the performance and competitive position of your organization.

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Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Managing Teams

Today’s top companies are made of high performing teams that can effectively work together to achieve organizational objectives. Even organizations that have the most talented individuals with the highest potential need the right leadership in place to bring those individuals together. Broad’s Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Managing Teams helps you recognize and leverage the relationship between leader behavior, employee motivation and behavior, and your organization’s bottom line and productivity.

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Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management

Advanced technology, the speed of communication and pace of change are transforming the way organizations do business. Managers need advanced skills to develop and execute organizational strategies that maximize performance in today’s competitive landscape. Broad’s Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management provides you with proven tools and frameworks to make sound business decisions that drive results today and maximize profitability well into the future.

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Professional Certificate in Supervisory Management

The next generation of leaders faces a workplace in constant change, from innovations in technology and work processes to younger employees placing a greater emphasis on purpose and engagement in their work. This new reality requires new kinds of managers, supervisors and team leaders. Are you prepared to meet this workplace transformation as a next-generation leader? This online certificate will help you rise up in your career with essential management, leadership and analytical skills.Explore Program Now

Professional Certificate in Human Resources and Talent Management

The success of any organization lies in its people. True success comes in connecting the people to one another and empowering them to build a high-performing organization and create a culture of openness engagement and inclusion – a culture that every employee owns. Human resources and talent management teams play a key role in creating this success. This online certificate will help provide you with the skills, knowledge and strategies to identify, recruit, develop and connect the people who can help build performance and create a culture of success in your organization.

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Master Certificate in Supervisory and Human Resources Management 

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace, driven by technological innovation, a younger generation of diverse workers with new expectations for their work and the overall uncertainty caused by a global pandemic. Today’s managers and organizational leaders are faced with unprecedented challenges and critical questions. This certificate offers essential people management, leadership and analytical skills combined with best methodologies in talent development and organizational design to help you lead, motivate, train, and retain high-performing employees.

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Analytics Online Programs

Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics

The nine-credit, 100% online Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics program is designed to meet the professional development needs of accounting professionals, and it also provides an alternative pathway for students seeking to meet the 150 Hour Rule for CPA certification.

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Master Certificate in Business Analytics

From predictive analytics and machine learning, AI to the internet of things, new sources and applications of data information flow throughout your organization every minute of every day. In this new age of big data, strategic business analytics has the capabilities to transform how you do business—but you have to effectively leverage that data! Harness the power of big data when you learn to capture it, structure it, interpret it and apply it with a Master Certificate in Business Analytics.

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Professional Certificate in Business Analytics

You are flooded by new streams of data information, overflowing with application possibilities, every minute of every day. Strategic data management has the capability to provide your business with a competitive advantage —but you have to leverage that data! Navigate, interpret and effectively apply the data flow to maximize your business productivity and business performance with a Professional Certificate in Business Analytics.

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Strategic Negotiation

Negotiations aren’t limited to sales, contracts or interviews. The ability to negotiate effectively is a foundational skill for professionals of every type and industry. We negotiate frequently with internal and external customers, suppliers, employees, department leaders, bosses and more. Those who work in supply chain management negotiate the best deals for procurement and sourcing needs. Change managers must gain support for new ideas. And we all use negotiating skills and their counterpart, conflict resolution skills, to navigate the ups and downs of various kinds of relationships and situations.

Available as an elective or add-on

In this 100 percent online course, you’ll strengthen your skill sets in intra-organizational, team, multi-party and cross-cultural negotiations. You’ll learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, address conflicts and gain an understanding of the unique challenges that exist when individuals, groups and organizations face potential or existing conflict.

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