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Enrollment in the Broad College is limited, and admission to the Broad College is competitive.

Admission is a two-step process: students must first be admitted to the Broad College, then to their intended degree-granting major.

This information applies to students seeking a degree in the following majors: accounting, finance, human resource management, management, marketing, and supply chain management; hospitality business has separate requirements.

There are three pathways to admission to the Broad College.

High school students who select a Broad major on the MSU Freshman application will be considered for direct admission.

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Current MSU students can apply to the Broad College through the secondary admission process. Applicants must fulfill specific academic and non-academic requirements as part of the application.

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Students at other colleges/universities who select a Broad major on the MSU Transfer application will be considered for admission. Students may be admitted directly to the Broad College if they meet specific academic requirements; if not, they can apply to Broad after matriculating to MSU through the Secondary Admission process.

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