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There is more than $250,000 in funds available.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be admitted to the Broad College by the end of spring semester.
  • Applicants who are transfer students must earn at least 24 credits at MSU by the end of spring semester.
  • A minimum of a 3.0 cumulative MSU GPA is required for consideration.

Apply Now

Complete your scholarship application today. The application is available March 1–April 15.

Departmental Scholarships

Several academic departments in the Broad College sponsor scholarships for undergraduate students, including the departments of Accounting and Information Systems, Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Accounting and Information Systems

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems (AIS) stewards an active scholarship program. Several accounting firms and individuals make contributions to more than 50 different scholarships, helping accounting students achieve their academic goals.

To apply for an AIS undergraduate scholarship, you must be an admitted accounting major or a business admit who intends to be an accounting major. You may receive more than one undergraduate scholarship. Selection criteria include one or more of the following:

  • academic achievement
  • financial need as determined by FAFSA
  • college activities and responsibilities
  • work experiences

Please contact Fred Jacobs with questions regarding accounting scholarships.

Corporate Scholarships

There are a number of Broad College corporate partners and their foundations that have endowed scholarships for Broad undergraduate students.

Private & Individual Scholarships

  • Ronald L. Barnes Memorial Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship
    Donor: Jack W. and Betty J. Barnes
  • Jennifer Mulder Bauer Endowed Scholarship
    Donor: John A. and Elinore L. Mulder
  • William Beardsley International Business Scholarship
    Donor: John T. Becker
  • Richard and Denise Czepinski Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Donor: Richard and Denise Czepinski
  • Larry and Anne Edwards Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in the Eli Broad College of Business
    Donor: Larry A. and Anne Edwards
  • Howard O. Emorey Endowed Scholarship in Business
    Donor: Howard O. Emorey
  • Renee Firestone Endowed Scholarship Established by Tom and Dan Weinman
    Donor: Thomas F. Weinman and Dan F. Weinman
  • Charles Fratcher Foundation Trust
    Donor: Charles Wilson Fratcher
  • Kittie Handy Fuller Scholarship Fund
    Donor: Merrill S. Fuller
  • Hibbert Family Foundation Scholarship Endowment
    Donor: Donald R. Hibbert and Marilyn V. Hibbert
  • Peter Ho Scholarship for International Business Studies
    Donor: Alexander J. Ho
  • Robert Carl and Reedie Jeffares Scholarship in Business
    Donor: Stuart P. Jeffares
  • Philip and Viola May Endowed Scholarship for the Eli Broad College of Business
    Donor: Philip J. and Viola H. May
  • Earl F. McCracken and Louis J. Steiner Endowed Scholarship in Business
    Donor: Earl D. and Mary K. McCracken
  • John and Ann Barbara Petro Scholarship Fund
    Donor: Linda M. Petro Ulrey and Laurence A. Ulrey, M.D.
  • John R. and Deborah R. Phillips Endowed Scholarship in Business
    Donor: John R. and Deborah F. Phillips
  • Lucy Dodge Preston Scholarship Fund
    Donor: The Preston Family and friends
  • Arthur P. and Christine E. Ronan Family Endowed Scholarship
    Donor: Arthur P. and Christine E. Ronan
  • Daniel M. Ross Endowed Scholarship in the Eli Broad College of Business
    Donor: Daniel M. Ross
  • Evelyn and Robert Scheffel Undergraduate Business Scholarship
    Donor: Evelyn M. and Robert J. Scheffel
  • Charles C. and Janet O. Stoddard Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in Business
    Donor: Charles C. and Janet O. Stoddard
  • Donald Victor Whipp, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
    Donor: Donald V. Whipp, Jr.
  • Jack W. and Joan M. Wiltz Business and International Trade Scholarship
    Donor: Jack W. and Joan M. Wiltz