Develop knowledge to pursue business.

Business Preference is designed for undergraduate students considering a degree from the Broad College, a nationally ranked business school. While completing university requirements and parallel business courses, these students will receive strong support and begin to develop an understanding of business.

What are my business opportunities?

Advising and Support Services | Broad Student Organizations | Business Exploration Series |  Internships and Careers

Broad College of Business Application Requirements

Admission to the Broad College considers academic factors, non-academic factors, and an optional personal statement.

Advising and Support Services

Degree Requirements 2019 to Present

Academic Advising

Business Preference students have access to the same advising services as students who are admitted to the Broad College. The Broad College academic advisors provide critical information about college application and admission, parallel academic programs, degree requirements, leadership development, policies, and much more. For more information, please speak with an advisor today!

Major Change to Business Preference

Are you interested in changing your major to Business Preference? Any student who is below 56 credits can meet with a Broad College academic advisor or apply to change their major online (a meeting with a Broad College academic advisor may be required to complete the application).

Support Services

Undergraduate Academic Services, in conjunction with the Broad College and Michigan State University, has many free support services specifically for Business Preference students. Those include academic skills workshops, individual and group tutoring, and more! Reach your maximum potential by learning more!

Spartan Global Development Fund student grinds beans.

Broad Student Organizations

As Business Preference students, being involved in a student organization can connect your passions for business or interests with your fellow students. This can provide you with additional opportunities to network, socialize, learn, and enhance skills. When students are considered for internships, post-college employment, or even the Broad admissions process, campus involvement and leadership experience set our students apart. Check out the various Broad College Student Organizations and MSU Student Organizations.

The Business Exploration Series is an ongoing series for Business Preference students that are pursuing admission to the Broad College. This series includes major and career exploration sessions, online communication, advising support, and more so Business Preference students can pursue their passions and goals of business at Michigan State University.

Broad Collaborative Learning Sessions are being hosted in partnership with the Collaborative Learning Center. These fall semester sessions will help you strengthen your skills to achieve your academic goals. Session topics include time management, reading skills, note taking, and study skills & tips.

Attend a Business Major Exploration Information Session to learn more about business majors at MSU. Topics include what you will learn in these majors, the types of jobs students receive after graduation, employment information and more!

Register now for the following sessions:


October 4th: Accounting and Finance

October 11th: Management and Human Resource Management

October 25th: Marketing

November 1st: Supply Chain Management

November 8th : Design your Life – Odyssey Planning


During the spring semesters, Business Preference students may be invited to group advising sessions which are an opportunity for students to meet with a Broad advisor and fellow students to review: annual enrollment, Broad College degree requirements and progression, and create their tentative schedule for the upcoming academic year.

The Broad Bulletin Newsletter is a monthly newsletter designed for Business Preference students. The newsletter is designed to provide students with important updates from Undergraduate Academic Services. In addition, based off of data from previous students, information is provided on relevant MSU resources to help be successful as a Spartan.

Information sessions are intended for current MSU students applying for admission to the Broad College of Business or a Broad major this semester. All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend. Topics addressed include: Broad College/major application process, academic and non-academic admission factors, resources for completing the experiential profile, case study tips and explanation of the admission decision process.

Students can choose the session that fits their application process and schedule. No pre-registration is required. Attendees should bring their Spartan ID card.


For more information, please visit our Broad College Admissions website.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Internship and Career Outlook

Business Preference students can gain internships that match their passions while exploring the many parallel career paths of business. The Broad College has the following resources to help students understand their interests, review job outlook, and receive one-on-one career advising.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am interested in business at MSU, but I want to know more before deciding. Can I speak with a Broad academic advisor?
    1. Prospective Student: We would encourage you and your family to check out one of our Prospective Student Information Sessions. These sessions are led by Broad academic advisors and include a presentation exploring Broad majors, the admissions process, academic curriculum, student life, education abroad, and services available to Broad students.
    2. Current Student: If you are a current student, please visit our website for Academic Advising resources.
  • What does it mean being a student with a business-focused major?
    1. Business and industry employers hire many students from diverse academic backgrounds. Most importantly, corporations desire future professionals who have a variety of skills. As a business student, you have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of business, while completing courses towards your passions and career goals. Whether you become a Broad College business-admitted student, or you find that another major fits your academic and career goals, you will be receiving business-related education and experiences that will set you aside from others in the field.
  • What can I do with this major?
    1. As a Business-Preference major, you can receive important communication and support from the Broad College and Broad College academic advisors. These resources include information about applications, company visits, tutoring and academic help, and advising reminders. However, students cannot graduate from Michigan State University with this pre-professional major. Per MSU Undergraduate Education Policy, students must be admitted to a degree granting-college by 56 credits or junior standing.
  • When should I apply to Broad?
    1. You are eligible to apply to the Broad College the semester you are completing the academic requirements (CSE 102, STT 200, EC 201 and/or EC 202, and 28 credits) and complete the non-academic requirement (case study and experiential profile). For more information on the application process, please see our Admission website.
  • Where can I get tutoring help?

    Using all your academic supports are very important to your success as a student in the Broad College. A host of free support services are available to students: individual and group peer tutoring, academic skills workshops, as well as spaces to gather and study with peers. For more information, please visit our Academic Support Services.

  • How can I meet with an advisor?
    1. The Broad College offers many different types of advising services to help students with their personal and academic goals. Broad College advisors provide important information about academic programs and degree requirements, education abroad, leadership development, major choices, career options, policies and procedures, and campus resources. For more information, please visit our Academic Advising website.
  • What happens if I’m not admitted to Broad?
    1. Although we want all students who are interested in the Broad College to be admitted, we are a competitive, limited-enrollment college. First, we would suggest you schedule an appointment with a Broad College advisor. There, you can discuss your options for reapplication or help you transition to a related major to continue towards your goals.
    2. Should you decide to reapply to the Broad College, you should attend the Re-Application Information Session to receive important information about your potential reapplication. Furthermore, you should review the various Academic Support Services to potentially improve your scores.
  • I want to take a class(es) at a local community college or university, how do I make sure the credits transfer?
    1. First, if you would like to see what courses potentially transfer to and from Michigan State University, please review Transfer MSU. Once you have found the class(es) that you want to take, please verify with a Broad College advisor that it will transfer back. This includes international students wanting to take courses in their home country.
    2. Second, per the MSU Transfer Course Policy, students who achieved junior standing (56+ credits) may not earn credits from two-year institutions.
    3. For more information on Broad College and Michigan State University Transfer Credit Policies, please visit the Transfer Course Guidelines.
  • What minor should I pursue?
    1. Although a minor is not required in the Broad College, many students complete a minor to help tailor and supplement their education to their specific interested and career goals. For more information on minors, please visit our Majors and Minors.