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Broad College Transfer Guidelines

Guidelines for pre-approval and/or re-evaluation of transfer courses at domestic and international institutions (non-study abroad programs).

I. Introduction

Broad College faculty review courses completed in transfer for 200-level accounting courses, and all 300- and 400-level business courses in accounting, finance, general business law, information technology management, management, marketing and supply chain management.

Economics courses are reviewed by faculty in the Department of Economics. To have an economics course evaluated, please take a current syllabus to the Department of Economics in room 110 Marshall-Adams Hall.

II. Broad Transfer Course Policies

Broad College faculty evaluate transfer course credit in business fields based on guidelines provided by its academic units for courses of similar content, level and academic quality, completed at accredited colleges and universities.

A) Business Courses at the 100-200 Level

Courses similar in title to those offered by the Broad College at the 300–400 level are not authorized to receive specific course credit if taken at the 100–200 level at another institution. However, general course credit may be awarded.

B) Business Courses at the 300-400 Level

Students requesting to transfer a 300-400 level business course from a domestic or international institution must work with their academic advisor to obtain faculty approval. A maximum of nine transfer credits at the 300-400 level may be applied to a student’s undergraduate degree requirements. Business courses at the 300-400 level must be completed at an AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)-accredited institution. Check for schools with AACSB accreditation.

Students must be a junior or senior in order to transfer in courses evaluated as the equivalent of 300- and 400-level Broad courses.

C) Business Core and Major Field Courses

Students must complete the business core course in their major at MSU. This ensures students are provided with the foundation material needed for the major field courses. The foundation business core courses by major are:

  • Finance: FI 311
  • General Management: MGT 315
  • Human Resource Management: MGT 315
  • Marketing: MKT 300
  • Supply Chain Management: SCM 303

Students should also complete their major field courses at MSU. In some circumstances, permission to transfer a major field course may be granted, but it must be approved in writing by your department chairperson and by the Director of Undergraduate Academic Services. A student should have a strong academic record to make such a request.

The business core capstone course MGT 409 “Business Policy and Strategic Management” and major field capstone courses designated with a “W” must be completed at MSU.

III. Transfer Credit Planning Procedures

Pre-Approval of Transfer Credits

Current MSU students planning to transfer courses from a community college or a four-year institution must have the courses approved in advance. This also pertains to MSU Direct Enrollment Study Abroad Programs. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in the delay, failure or inadequate posting of credits from the transfer institution to their MSU academic record. Advance approval may be obtained through:

1. Transfer MSU: MSU’s Searchable Transfer Credit Equivalency System. Courses listed on Transfer MSU have been pre-approved by faculty reviewers.


2. Broad Faculty Reviewers: Students can complete the Transfer Course Evaluation Request Form online. The syllabus must include a course description, name of the textbook(s), homework assignments, quiz/exam information, and name and contact information of the professor. The syllabus will be reviewed by a Broad faculty reviewer.

Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credits

New transfer students to Broad may have a business course from their transfer institution re-evaluated if they did not receive credit after the initial evaluation or if they feel the transfer course was not evaluated appropriately. Please follow the procedure outlined in item 2.

Guest Application Form

Students planning to attend accredited Michigan institutions should use the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application form.

Students who wish to attend non-Michigan institutions should obtain application forms from the host institution.

Final Transcript of Transfer Course(s)

In order to receive transfer credit, official transcripts should be mailed to:

Office of Admissions
Michigan State University
Hannah Administration Bldg
426 Auditorium Rd Rm 250
East Lansing, MI 48824

Per university policy, a minimum grade of a 2.0 must be earned in each course in order for the credit to be transferred to Michigan State University.

IV. MSU Transfer Course Policies

Beginning Fall 2022, students who have matriculated at Michigan State University may earn a maximum of 60 credits from a two-year institution.

V. Transfer Coursework from China

Transcript of Transfer Courses

Students requesting transfer credit of coursework from a higher-learning institution in China must have a China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) verification report of the university transcript mailed directly to the MSU Office of Admissions.

(Updated March 2015)