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The Minor in International Business will be attractive to students who plan careers with an international orientation and who wish to add breadth to their major. The minor is designed for students who desire to increase their understanding of various regions of the world and the global marketplace.


The minor in international business is administered by the Broad College of Business and is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs in the Broad College.


Declare Minor

To be considered for admission, a student must be admitted to a major within the Broad College of Business: accounting, finance, human resource management, management, marketing and supply chain management.


Minor in International Business Requirements

These requirements apply to all students admitted to the Minor in International Business.

1. Two (2) of the following courses (6 credits)

A course taken to fulfill this requirement may not be used within requirement 2.


2. Three (3) of the following courses (9 credits)

  • If students want a different course to count towards this requirement, they must complete an International Business Course Request.
    • You must be admitted to the international business minor prior to submitting any course requests.
    • The request should be submitted prior to the start of the course. Courses without prior approval will not count toward the minor.
    • Only 300- and 400-level courses will be reviewed.
    • A course syllabus must be submitted with the request.
    • A brief statement as to how this course will help towards your specific academic and career goals is required.
    • Note that all special topics or international courses (ACC/FI/MGT/SCM/GBL 491 or 393) must submit an International Business Course Request.


3. Abroad Experience

The completion of an education abroad program (6 credits minimum) or pre-approved international internship (credit or non-credit) as approved by the Broad College of Business. For more information or guidance, please see a Broad College advisor.


4. Competency in a Foreign Language

Demonstrate competency in a foreign language equivalent to four semesters of study at the university level.

The results of the Michigan State University foreign language placement test will be considered in determining whether the student has fulfilled this requirement. For more information on the placement test, please visit the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA).

Language course credit/equivalency means students will be completing courses through the “202-level.” If students begin at a higher level, fewer than four semesters will be needed to complete the “202-level” requirement.

For more information or guidance, please see a Broad College advisor.