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Become a cross-disciplinary leader.

The management major allows students to explore courses from several departments within the Broad College. Students enjoy a high degree of flexibility in selecting courses to satisfy the major field of concentration requirement. The student’s program of study is designed within the context of the student’s personal, academic and career goals.

What can I do with this degree?

Business analyst   |   Business development manager   |   Consultant   |   Project manager

Business Core Curriculum and Degree Requirements

To build a solid business foundation, there are common degree requirements for all Broad majors.

B.A. in Management Requirements

Major Field Requirements: 2.0 minimum GPA required in courses in the major field of concentration. Courses must be approved in advance by the student’s academic advisor and must include 15 credits.

Required Courses

International Business Emphasis

Students who wish to emphasize international business may meet the requirements for the major field of concentration by completing the following courses.

B.A. in General Management

This major is only available to students admitted to the Broad College prior to fall 2015 as general management majors. Students admitted beginning fall 2015 or those admitted prior to fall 2015 who want to change their major must adhere to the management major requirements.

Major Field Requirements: 2.0 Minimum GPA Required

Required Courses

Management at Broad

The focus of management is the design, development, control, motivation and operation of organized activities. Our award-winning faculty have research and teaching expertise in a variety of topics that pertain to management at the individual, interpersonal and firm levels. At the individual level, topics include employee motivation and performance, work attitudes such as job satisfaction and commitment, and worker-based factors like personality and emotion. At the interpersonal level, topics of interest include group behavior and teamwork, leadership, negotiations and human resource management strategies related to staffing, compensation and employee development. At the firm level, topics include firm performance, organizational culture, strategic decision-making, entrepreneurship and executive behavior.

Majors in the Department of Management offer quality educational experiences to traditional and nontraditional students that prepare them for a broad array of careers in management. Students are immersed in basic subject matter concerning the theory and principles of administration, organization and motivation; decision and strategy; and human resource management. The management curriculum draws on a variety of fields – particularly psychology, sociology, economics and statistics. Students in management are urged to take courses in these fields because many new developments in human resource management and strategic decision-making require behavioral science and statistical tools.

The Broad Leadership Association (BLA) meets with company recruiters bi-weekly to get a personable networking experience. The Broad Leadership Association also offers many business-oriented leadership opportunities.

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The MSU International Business Organization’s mission is to promote a greater understanding of international business and to foster personal and professional development through networking events, speaker presentations and corporate trips. The student organization is committed to its members’ needs in order to be key innovators, core contributors and successful leaders in today’s global community.

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The Department of Management prepares students to see businesses through this interdisciplinary lens. Our research and education exposes students to a variety of management perspectives by combining perspectives in human resources, leadership and change, organizational behavior and strategic management.