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Join the top supply chain program in the nation.

As the #1 ranked program in supply chain management, Broad is uniquely positioned to prepare students to make an impact in this high-demand area.

Supply chain management (SCM) integrates topics from manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation and physical distribution into a unified program. The program offers integration among these critical, value-adding components to enhance global competitiveness.

What can I do with this degree?

Industry analyst | Consultant | Procurement analyst | Purchasing manager | Transportation director | Manufacturing supervisor

Business Core Curriculum and Degree Requirements

To build a solid business foundation, there are common degree requirements for all Broad majors.

B.A. in Supply Chain Management Requirements

Major Field Requirements: 2.0 Minimum GPA

Required Courses

Major Capstone Courses

Students must choose one (1) of the following two courses.

Major Selection Courses

According to the SCM catalog policy, supply chain management students must take a minimum of 4 credits and a maximum of 6 credits of SCM electives. Due to enrollment demand and assisting students with graduating in four years, students can choose up to 6 credits of the major selections listed below. Students will be disenrolled from additional selections. Specifically, students trying to take more than 6 credits of the below courses will be removed from any sections above the 6 credits.

Note: Constraints on SCM electives do not apply to SCM 460, SCM 461, SCM 462 and SCM 491; Constraint on SCM 490 may apply due to variable credit.

Make your mark.

Supply chains are the institutions and processes that move raw material, works-in-progress and finished products from the fields, mines and oceans to our homes and workplaces to satisfy our daily wants and needs. Without supply chains, we would not have the products that we rely on, such as food, clothing, shelter and entertainment.

In the class of 2018, 80 students, a new university record number, received a 4.0 GPA. These students were recognized with Board of Trustees’ Awards for having the highest scholastic average at the end of their studies. Of the 80 students, 4 were supply chain management majors.

As a part of the top supply chain management program in the country, the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) strives to provide students with exceptional learning experiences and development opportunities beyond the classroom environment. This is accomplished through exposure to leading industry practices and business professionals, as well as an additional forum for student/faculty interaction.

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The Student Senate of the Broad College of Business creates a representative body concentrating their time to improve the quality of life for all students in the college. The Broad Student Senate strives to provide means for responsible and effective student participation within Broad, to serve as the official voice of the student opinion on matters affecting students and/or their rights, and to provide a mutual and beneficial understanding with members of the faculty and administration.

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Broad’s top-ranked Department of Supply Chain Management equips graduates with a competitive edge. Prestigious programs connect students with faculty and alumni who are global industry leaders and are considered the voice of the SCM field.