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Admission to the Broad College for high school students

This information is for high school students who plan to apply to the MSU for direct admission to the Broad College; this applies to students seeking a degree in the following majors: accounting, finance, human resource management, management, marketing, and supply chain management; hospitality business has separate requirements.

This information does not apply to students at other institutions who plan to apply to MSU and the Broad College through the transfer application process, or the current student secondary admission process.

Direct Admission Process

High school students wishing to apply for direct admission to the Broad College must complete the Michigan State University freshman application process through the MSU Office of Admissions (students also can apply via the Common App). There is no separate application for the Broad College direct admission process. Direct admission invitations will be communicated via your MSU application portal.

Applicants are first reviewed by the MSU Office of Admissions for admissibility to the university, and then reviewed by the Broad College for direct admission. Students not admitted to Broad via the direct admission process can apply to the Broad College through the current student secondary admission process after matriculating to MSU.

Applicant Review and Invitation

Criteria for Consideration

  • Apply to MSU and selected one of the following intended majors: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management (all students will be classified as “Business Preference” until they are selected for direct admission)
  • Be deemed admissible to MSU
  • Have a 3.5 or higher high school GPA at the time of MSU admission

Academic performance and business & leadership experience will be considered when reviewing applicants for direct admission.


Invitation Timeline

  • Two rounds of invitations will be issued in mid-February and mid-April. Students who do not receive an invitation in February will still be considered for the second round.
  • Invitations will be issued through the Office of Admissions’ application portal; invited students’ majors will be changed to Business Admitted


Confirming Your Direct Admission Status

Once direct admit students matriculate to MSU, they must meet the following requirements to confirm their status and maintain their admission:

  • Completion of CSE 102, STT 200, EC 201/202, WRA 101/195H
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA
  • 3.0 minimum GPA of STT/EC/WRA courses (collective GPA, not 3.0 in each individual course)
  • 28 cumulative credits

Students have three fall/spring semesters to meet the requirements. If students complete the requirements prior to the third fall/spring semester, their status will be confirmed at that time.

Admission to a Degree-Granting Major

Once a student’s admission is confirmed and their major is changed to Business Admitted, the next step is to apply for admission to a degree-granting major. Students must earn 56 or more cumulative credits and complete the Major Precore courses to be eligible for major admission; see the Admission to Major page for complete information.

Frequently Asked Questions