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Building a legacy of leaders.

The Residential Business Community (RBC) is preparing tomorrow’s leaders to successfully oversee a diverse and multicultural world by promoting, enhancing and supporting academic, personal and professional growth of students.

Students who are accepted into the RBC and fulfill academic milestones and RBC engagement are also admitted early to the Broad College of Business.

Living. Learning. Leading.

The RBC experience prepares students to be business leaders and encourages their own professional development throughout their college experience. This community living experience assists students in acquiring the relational skills necessary to succeed and lead in today’s global society. And through a seamless environment of academic and experiential learning activities, students develop business leadership competencies in a collaborative, inclusive, multicultural environment.

Students who participate in the RBC experience three significant benefits:

  1. Support as they transition to college life and the MSU campus
  2. Growth in cultural intelligence and leadership competency skills
  3. A network of corporate recruiters and MSU alumni built throughout one’s college career
students in the RBC

in scholarships awarded annually

increase in students over 4 years

Core Values


Students will strive to develop into leaders who are ethical, fair and committed to doing the right thing.

Effective Communication

Students will integrate compelling, well-rounded communication as the foundation to generate action, create understanding and build relationships.

Leadership Excellence

Students will be inspired to take action and create positive, sustainable, transformational changes.


Students will develop into business leaders who navigate global, cross-cultural and diverse teams.

Personal and Social Responsibility

Students will be encouraged to build individual strength, take responsibility for the integrity and quality of their work, and engage in impactful exercises that shape responsible global citizens.

Making a Difference

Students will be challenged to think about the legacy they will leave in their professional journeys.

An advisor talks with an RBC student in the engagement center.

The RBC Advantage

RBC students consistently perform better in the classroom than non-RBC business students. Students participating in the Residential Business Community will be enrolled in special reserved sections of high-demand freshman classes such as writing and math. They will also be enrolled each semester in a one-credit seminar designed specifically to meet the transition-to-MSU needs of first-year business students.

Free tutorial services occur in the River Trail Engagement Center (located in McDonel Hall) for math, writing, economics, accounting, statistics, computer science, etc. Tutoring is also available in multiple core business courses through the Broad College’s Multicultural Business Programs Tutorial Program.

Students will have access to an academic advisor for one-on-one sessions. Students can gain valuable advice on the courses they are taking and how to plan their college careers.

Students also have access to special sections of writing, math, CSE 102 and business communications (MKT 250) prerequisite courses.

The Leadership Legacy Series encourages participation in leadership workshops, Broad College events, student involvement experiences, corporate networking and community engagement sessions that focus on these learning goals:

  • Global/Multicultural Awareness
  • Career/Academic Success
  • Leadership/Professional Development
  • Community/Civic Engagement

Fun, organized networking events are planned throughout the year including the following:

  • Fall welcome event
  • Community meals with faculty and staff
  • Corporate networking
  • Dinner and movie nights
  • End-of-the-year banquet
  • Field trips
  • Company site visits
  • Peer-to-peer coaching/mentoring
  • Community service/civic engagement opportunities

"The RBC provides you with meaningful connections, courses and community members right from the start of your career at MSU. I give credit to the faculty and students involved in the RBC for the enjoyable, valuable and manageable business opportunities I have had."

Victoria Gavilan (Business Admitted)

"The best decision I made coming into Michigan State was joining the RBC. This living, learning, and leadership community made a large university feel like home. I credit the RBC faculty for the meaningful connections I made during my freshman year. The RBC gave me the tools and resources to be successful"

Mary Leone (Business Admitted)

“RBC is a great program for business students that allowed me to successfully get into The School of Hospitality Business, and I met my best friends through this program. I would highly recommend any business student to become involved with RBC, as it is a great experience.”

Heidi Orr (Hospitality Business)

“One of my favorite parts of the Residential Business Community is that there are always so many resources available for you. Whether it may be tutoring, help rooms or advisors, there are so many ways for you to succeed.”

Nikita Patel (Accounting)

“RBC is the best opportunity to get involved in business during freshman year. From corporate trips that take you out of state to a case competition only available to members, RBC gives early opportunities that other students may never get.

Ally John (Marketing)

"The RBC encourages students to be the best business leaders they could possibly be, inside and outside of the classroom. The connections I have made in the RBC will last beyond my time here at MSU. Being a part of the RBC has truly enhanced my Spartan experience in more ways than I can count. "

Andrew (AJ) Lorenz (Business Admitted)

"...RBC was instrumental to my success during my first year at MSU. The skills I learned have helped me expand my network, perfect interview strategies, and secure summer internships. As an out-of-state student, the residential and social components of RBC made it easy to make friends and find my place at MSU."

Marissa Burk (Accounting)
The front facade of McDonel Hall with sunhine reflecting off the wall of windows.

Living: The Residential Community

McDonel Hall is conveniently located just a short walk away from the Business College Complex. First-year RBC students live on the first, second, or third floors of East McDonel and are assigned a roommate in the RBC cohort. Upon request, there are spaces also available for RBC students who prefer a non-business roommate.

Upper-class (second year and beyond) Broad College students can live throughout McDonel Hall and may choose their roommate; third floor West has been designated an RBC returning student floor community. The fourth floor West is an Honors College floor option that is open to first-year or upper-class students.

McDonel Hall is a suite-style hall that houses the River Trail Neighborhood Engagement Center, which provides:

  • Writing Center services
  • Olin Health Center location
  • Sparty’s Refresh
  • Academic advising
  • Intercultural engagement
  • High-tech classrooms
  • Study lounges
Since I walked into McDonel Hall on the first day of my freshman year, the RBC has impacted my experience at MSU in an amazing way. The resources available, corporate site visits, other RBC students and employees are invaluable to a student who is trying to build their resume and start their career when they graduate.
Charlie Bonser
Senior Director & Supply Chain Management Major

Learning: Inside the Classroom

Students participating in the RBC will be enrolled in special reserved sections of high-demand freshman classes such as writing and mathematics. They are also required to register for one-credit seminar courses designed to enhance students’ academic, career and professional development experiences as future business leaders.

BUS 101 Freshman Seminar for College of Business Students

1st year fall semester

Reserved sections of BUS 101 in the fall semester are required for students participating in the RBC community. This 14-week seminar will assist in students’ academic development and allow them to develop relationships with the Eli Broad College of Business faculty, staff and upperclassmen early in their academic career and become aware of resources that will help them succeed at MSU. The course also empowers students to set academic, career and leadership goals.

View in Course Catalog  

BUS 102 Career Seminar for Business

1st year spring semester

This 10-week seminar is required for RBC students. It’s designed to assist students in the exploration of professional fields in business, as well as to introduce students to the career management center and other available career services. It provides opportunities to meet professionals in the field, practice communication and presentation skills, and interact with peers in small group teams.

View in Course Catalog  

BUS 201: Sophomore Seminar for Business

2nd year fall or spring semester

This course is an advanced version of the BUS 101 and 102 introductory courses. Topics that will be addressed include: multicultural competence, professional decision making and identity development, career strategies, working in a diverse team and developing professional mentor relationships.

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Student Coordinators & RBC Course Assistants

Victoria Wiseman

Victoria Wiseman

  • Student Coordinator
Kaylee Kern

Kaylee Kern

  • Student Coordinator
Annika Cronander

Annika Cronander

  • Student Coordinator
Ally John

Allyson John

  • Student Coordinator
Scott Deal portrait

Scott Deal

  • Student Coordinator
Mwaba Musonda

Mwaba Musonda

  • Student Coordinator
Victoria Gavilan

Victoria Gavilan

  • Student Coordinator

Mary Leone

  • Student Coordinator

Marissa Burk

  • Student Coordinator
  • Student Coordinator
RBC graduate Elexis Grimes poses at MSU commencement.
The RBC gave us a platform ... If it wasn't for the RBC serving as a catalyst for my growth, I'm not sure where I would be, or what I would be doing ... The RBC just pushes you to grow.
Elexis Grimes
B.A. Accounting ’18

Leadership: Outside the Classroom

The RBC experience builds a legacy of leaders by providing a variety of experiential learning opportunities and fostering professional competency skills desired by recruiters. Emerging leader retreats and spring corporate trips are held each year with activities such as:

  • Building a global mindset
  • Peer mentoring
  • Company site visits
  • Social impact
  • Alumni networking

“The RBC has allowed me to build incredible bonds with people since coming to Michigan State. I have learned incredible leadership skills and have had the chance to be involved in various positions and events throughout RBC.”

Victoria Wiseman (Management)

“The RBC has provided me great resources to succeed in school with both my classes and my career goals. It has also allowed me to gain some of my closest friends and truly has offered me a great college experience.”

Jenna Matz (Supply Chain Management)

“RBC allows you to live with others that have the same/similar major as you, which is great because you will have classes with them over your four years at MSU. It also provides great resources.”

Scott Deal (Finance)

“As an incoming freshman, the RBC truly helps set you apart from every other business student. It assists in the transition from high school to college and further prepares you for your professional future.”

Kathryn Resseguie (Marketing)

“The RBC is so much more than just an academic organization; I have met many of my best friends through the RBC and have gained lifelong memories through RBC events.”

Michael Rotondo (Accounting)
EY employee speaks to a class filled with RBC students

Corporate Partners

The RBC partners with leading companies for our comprehensive “Building Your Leadership Legacy” series. The program includes workshops, campus events, corporate networking, speaker series and community engagement. This partnership develops professional skills desired by corporate recruiters.

Below are just some of the companies that have partnered with the RBC.

RBC students volunteering to clean up leaves.

Mentorship Network

The RBC Mentorship Network promotes the student experience through experiential learning, professional skills development, leadership exploration and connections with upperclassmen, alumni and corporate partners. The network promotes relationships that foster a culture of success and professional leadership development.

The program consists of two levels:

Peer2Peer Mentor, which pairs first-year students with upperclassmen who have been in RBC. Students can ask questions about anything from where the best cafeteria on campus is to advice on how to succeed in classes and obtain internships.

The RBC Alumni Network, the second level of the program, focuses more on preparation for post-graduation by matching junior and senior mentees with RBC alumni. Students can ask questions about career paths and how to enhance their classroom lessons in the professional world.

Student Engagement Team

Meet the freshman, new and returning members of the RBC Student Engagement Team SET).

Rachel McCombs

Mojadi Galebonwe

Shruti Gomer

Kelsey Grost

Lance Johnson

Kaylee Kern

Marcell King

Allison Leshock

Rachel McCombs

Mwaba Musonda

Hana Nishii

Heidi Orr

Sydney Rosen

Ava Senkowski

Veer Visaria

Caroline Waters

Upcoming RBC Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Freshman year, RBC provided me with a community of people who were taking the same classes and going through similar experiences as me, which helped me make some of my closest friends. RBC gave me the tools I needed in order to be successful in my first year at Michigan State by providing me with opportunities to grow academically and professionally.
Sydney Rosen
Junior, Marketing


Who Can Apply?

  • High school seniors who have been admitted to Michigan State University…
  • Who have declared business-preference or hospitality business majors…
  • And have an interest in accounting, finance, hospitality business, human resources management, management, marketing or supply chain management majors

Approximately 250 freshmen are admitted to the RBC each fall, representing about 10 percent of those coming to MSU and expressing interest in a business major.

Current MSU business students who have participated in the program previously may continue being involved and live in or away from McDonel Hall.

Application Process

The application consists of a short application form. You should be prepared to include your leadership, community service, scholarship and other extracurricular activities, as well as any work experience that you may have on the application.

Students may apply to the Residential Business Community through the online application. If you prefer a paper application, please call 517-884-4085. The application period is January 15th through April 1st each year.

Apply Now

Admissions FAQ


Join our community.

Apply today to become a part of the Residential Business Community at MSU.

Our Leadership Team

Sherri Henry Headshot

Sherri Henry

  • Director, RBC
Marcell King

Marcell King

  • Assistant Director, RBC


  • Program Coordinator, RBC

Marcus Smith

  • Graduate Assistant/ Full Time MBA Candidate Class of 2023

Patty Allen

  • Graduate Student, RBC Assistant

Learn about the RBC Experience

Residential Business Community information sessions give an overview of the program, as well as a tour of McDonel Hall and the River Trail Neighborhood Engagement Center.

Contact the RBC

If you have more questions about the RBC experience and how it can help you succeed at MSU and as a future business professional, please contact us.

  • Residential Business Community
  • McDonel Hall
  • 817 E Shaw Ln Rm C101
  • East Lansing, MI 48825
  • Phone: (517) 884-4085