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Request a Major Change

  • Change to Business Preference

    A major change into Business Preference can be requested by meeting with a Broad academic advisor, or online.

    To be approved to change into Business Preference, students must have a 3.2 minimum cumulative GPA (underlying numeric grades from Fall 2020-Summer 2021 will be used in place of S/NS notations to calculate the cumulative GPA for major change consideration).

    Students who have already reached 56 credits, or are reaching 56 credits through their current semester enrollment, will not be approved for a major change; those students must apply to Broad through the secondary admission process and will be changed into a Broad major if their application is successful.

    Request a major change to Business Preference

  • Change Your Broad Degree-Granting Major

    Students already admitted to a Broad degree-granting major (Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management) can change to a different Broad degree-granting major by meeting with a Broad academic advisor, or completing the online form.

    Change your degree-granting major

  • Change out of the Broad College

    Students changing to a major outside the Broad College must follow the new College’s process. The Broad College cannot change students into a non-Broad major.

    Advising Resources by College

Withdraw from a Broad-Sponsored Minor

If you declared or were admitted to a minor that you no longer intend to complete, you must formally request the minor be removed from your academic record. The Minor Withdrawal Form will allow you to complete this process for Broad-sponsored minors; please see an advisor in the respective department for non-Broad minors.

Additional Paths to a Business Career

Are you looking for academic options outside the Broad College of Business, but still in the business field? It is important to know that business and industry professionals hire many students from diverse academic backgrounds

View MSU Business-Focused Majors

Explore all MSU majors

This document is a helpful resource for students seeking a major outside the Broad College that can lead to a career in a variety of business fields.

Additional Paths to a Business Career

Business Courses for Non-Broad Majors

These courses, designed specifically for non-Broad majors, allow students in majors outside the Broad College the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in foundational business coursework. Students who are interested in completing most or all of these courses should consider the Business Minor.

* Students admitted to the Broad College with previous credit in GBL 323 or MKT 327 will be granted credit for GBL 385 and MKT 300, respectively.