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Expand business intelligence through business analytics.

New Name. New Possibilities.

More data is available than ever before, and analytics have become a part of every major business decision today. With the Master of Science in Business Data Science and Analytics (formerly MS-Business Analytics) from Michigan State University, you can become an integral part of this emerging transformation and leading new industry.

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On Campus

30 Credits

12 Months

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Lead the big data revolution.

The main themes of the Data Science and Business Analytics program focus on business strategy, data tools and management, and experiential project consulting. Graduates from Broad’s M.S. in Business Data Science and Analytics program have landed employment opportunities in a wide range of industries, such as consulting, automotive, consumer products, retail and financial services. Forty percent of graduates enter the field as a data scientist, while 60% follow a more business analyst career track. This Master’s in Data Science and Business Analytics program is designed to give training and hands-on experience to students in multiple areas of the data science and analytics field such as descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Program Highlights

As a master’s student in Broad’s MS-BDSA program, you will:

  • Take classes with leading MSU faculty in business, computer science and statistics from the Broad College of Business, College of Engineering and College of Natural Science
  • Experience working on live data analytics projects and real-world problem solving
  • Expand your business intelligence and link your expertise to a growing field of work

“The best part for me about this program is the variety of academic projects and internship experiences. This gave me a real-time experience before I was thrown in the pool of actual industry life. Proud to be a Spartan!”

Amruta Lagad ’14 (Financial Analyst, Ford Credit)

“The imperative to analyze very large data sets has expanded from the purely academic world into the private sector. The M.S. in Business Analytics will prepare students with backgrounds in math and the sciences to productively analyze data in the business world.”

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. (Associate Dean, College of Natural Science)

“We're in the early innings of a major transformative trend around business analytics. This trend will generate strong demand for graduates who can apply analytics to a variety of business challenges.”

Deepak Advani (VP, Business Analytics Products, IBM)

“The best part of the program for me was its project-driven approach to education. The experiential projects were great opportunities to get exposure to real world scenarios ... I am also grateful to my professors for providing such wonderful support.”

Garima Khamesra ’14 (SAS Data Analyst, Capital One)

“Large-scale, high resolution data sets are being created in ways never before imagined. Enormous challenges and opportunities are available for those who analyze, manage and extract useful information from the data sets.”

Matt Mutka, Ph.D. (Chair, MSU Computer Science and Engineering)

“After under a decade of traveling for large consulting firms and leveraging programming and database skills at a number of Fortune 50 firms, Michigan State’s business analytics program gave me the opportunity to understand how much I didn’t know about how data is really used across organizations.”

Jordan Martz ’13 (Business Analytics Sales, Oracle)

“As the volume of data collected by organizations continues to expand, there is a shortage of competent graduates who understand the needs of business and are well versed in the wide array of data analysis tools.”

Pang-Ning Tan, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Computer Science)

Academic and professional background are considered when the M.S. in Business Data Science and Analytics applications are reviewed. Additionally, the potential for a successful career in the data and analytics field is considered. Experience with computer programming and language (Python, R, Java, C, etc.) and statistics is not required, but highly recommended. Applications are reviewed based on the above criteria and in relation to current applicants.

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The data and analytics program is designed to be completed in one calendar year from January to December. Each semester, the highly experiential program offers students the opportunity to work on data sets arranged with corporate and faculty support. It is also a full-time, fixed curriculum, cohort-based program to help ensure a solid team focused program. The cohort consists of 48 students, ensuring a low student-to-faculty ratio and individual student focus. This Master’s in Business Data program is not currently offered part-time or online. The curriculum includes courses in business strategy, data mining, data tools, applied statistics, project management, marketing technologies and communications.

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Tuition for in-state residents is $36,000 for M.S. in Business Data Science and Analytics program. For out of state residents, tuition is set at $39,000.

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Prospective students can schedule an appointment to discuss the program by emailing

Data Science and Business Analytics Career Success

Career opportunities are numerous for those who can analyze, communicate and apply complex data sets to a variety of societal and business needs. Partnerships with corporations and other entities give Broad College M.S. in Business Data Science and Analytics graduates leverage for increased career success in both data science and analytics roles.

STEM Certified

The M.S. in Business Data Science and Analytics is a STEM-certified degree (Business Statistics, 52.1302 CIP Code) that provides international students authorization to work in the U.S. for up to three years (24 months of STEM OPT extension beyond the regular 12-month OPT).

Career Services Support

We provide our students with multiple tools to be successful on the internship and job search in the data science and business analytics field. Before even starting the program, accepted students will begin preparing their resume and cover letter with the program director and Russell Palmer Career Management Center coaches. During the program, multiple seminars, career workshops, and personal advising sessions are offered. In addition, two career fairs are delivered during the year specifically for analytics students.

Mean Summer Internship Pay
Class of 2021

Mean Starting Salary
Class of 2021

Placement Rate within 3 months of graduation
(100% within 6 months)
Class of 2020 (c/o 2021 available March 2022)

I am impressed with the preparedness of the students coming out of this program. They were able to immediately have a meaningful conversation with me about the technical details of predictive modeling, while at the same time knowing what questions to ask to better appreciate the business environment in which their models will live.
Eric Traux
Predictive Analytics Department, Auto Owners Insurance

Employers of Note

Students from our program have received offers representing a wide range of top companies across industries. Typical job titles include business intelligence developer, data analyst, data scientist, decision scientist, business analyst, solutions architect, and analytics consultant.

Meet our 2022 Cohort!

We are proud to present our Class of 2022!
Peter Ahn Headshot

Peter Ahn

Ali Talha headshot

Talha Ali

Katie Beck Headshot

Katie Beck

Sam Bristor Headshot

Sam Bristor

Dai Luther headshot

Luther Dai

Freya Dave Headshot

Freya Dave

Adam Dion Headshot

Adam Dion

Viabhav Garg Headshot

Vaibhav Garg

Clark Headshot

Clark Gaston

Prajit Goswami Headshot

Prajit Goswami


Michael Guel

Michael Gutierrez headshot

Michael Gutierrez

Liu Jiaying Headshot

Jiaying Liu

Ruchi Kakkad Headshot

Ruchi Kakkad

Brendan Kemp Headshot

Brendan Kemp

Yu Kuan Headshot

Yu Che "Chris" Kuan

Chad Larsen Headshot

Chad Larsen

Siji Li Headshot

Sijia Li

Jorge Liakopulos Headshot

Jorge Liakopulos

Di Ma Headshot

Di Ma

Vincent Marinas Headshot

Vincent Marinas

Nicholas Masterts Headshot

Nicholas Masters


Priyank Mehta


Anna Mellema

Diego Mercado Headshot

Diego Mercado


Partha Mukherjee


Haris Mukunt


Gerik Niewierowski

Raina Chaitanya Headshot

Chaitanya Raina

Matthew Russell Headshot

Matthew Russell

Kiran Sagaturu Headshot

Kiran Sagaturu


Melanie Sanctorum

Oindrila Sanyala Headshot

Oindrila Sanyal

Aditi Shukla Headshot

Aditi Shukla

Temitope Sowumi Headshot

Temitope Sowunmi

Jack Warner Headshot

Jack Warner

Jacob Watt Headshot

Jacob Watt

Charlie Wilke Headshot

Charlie Wilke


Kristyn Wong

Qichen Zhao Headshot

Qichen Zhao


Qiunan Zhao

Students in the business analytics program at Michigan State take notes in class, surround by piles of textbooks and laptops.

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