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We devote ourselves to expanding business research on a global scale.

The faculty of the MSU Broad College of Business are award-winning teachers and researchers, editors and reviewers of top journals, and former executives applying workplace lessons in the classroom. They devote themselves to expanding their fields’ understanding around the world – and their students’ understanding in the classroom. Their efforts combine in numerous research centers targeting specific topics for focused inquiry and in experiential labs that provide real-world opportunities for students.

Research @ Broad

Broad Full-Time MBA students are proud to be recognized as the No.1 school for the best graduate programs for supply chain management.
What should consumers and businesses expect if a UPS strike in 2023 happens? Jason Miller writes for The Conversation.
Smartphone screen displaying various apps, including ChatGPT.
Professor Anjana Susarla outlines the risks of generative AI in her latest article for The Conversation.
The Broad team of students and faculty pose for picture outside Caesars Palace casino and hotel in Las Vegas.
The winning team from MSU was applauded for their project focused on the importance of developing cultural intelligence.
School of Hospitality Business faculty member Mi Ran Kim sits at a table, smiling, against a bright orange backdrop.

Broad College Faculty

Broad faculty reside in six academic units that are devoted to the college’s mission of creating and disseminating knowledge through collaborative relationships while developing transformational leaders.

By partnering with corporations and the community on research and other initiatives, faculty apply findings to solve real-world issues across all areas of business. In research and scholarship, faculty at Broad find more efficient and effective ways to make business happen. Their areas of expertise run the full gamut, and their insights are often sought in giving context to prescient issues in regional, national and global business.

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The Department of Accounting and Information Systems’s undergraduate and graduate programs consistently rank among the top in the nation. The department offers programs at every level—undergraduate through doctoral—and students graduate with outstanding knowledge, skills and unrivaled professionalism. By creating collaborations among students, faculty and staff, and esteemed industry practitioners, the department achieves its vision to be a global leader in creating and disseminating expertise in “making business happen.”

Broad AIS faculty areas of expertise include: corporate governance and control, tax, audit, business valuation, regulation and public policy, and managerial decision making, amongst others.

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Through its curriculum, research, faculty, students and programs, the Department of Finance looks beyond numbers to reach practical, useful solutions to a range of issues confronting today’s businesses. The department is also home to the renowned Financial Markets Institute; the Center for Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Finance; the Spartan Global Development Fund; and the Student Investment Association, which enhance students’ experience and provide a global network to position them for success in their career paths. In the classroom, students learn from distinguished faculty and have a hands-on role in real-time research.

Broad finance faculty areas of expertise include: corporate finance, financial investments, information economics, behavioral finance, venture capital and international finance, amongst others.

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The Department of Management supports research and teaching related to understanding the dynamics of organizations from a variety of perspectives, including motivation, team decision-making and effectiveness, employee and firm performance, strategic decision making, human resources and leadership. Led by faculty widely acknowledged as leaders in the field, graduates emerge with the tools and strategies to influence human dynamics of businesses across all industries and sectors.

Broad management faculty areas of expertise include: organizational human behavior, strategic management, international management, human resource management and research methods, amongst others.

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The Department of Marketing develops transformational marketing leaders. The department creates knowledge by doing empirical research at the “state of the science” and translating it to the practitioner’s “state of the art.” Core competence is in the exercise of managerial and strategic marketing aimed at generating superior customer value. Undergraduates receive an understanding of marketing concepts and tools application from award-winning faculty; master’s in marketing research students are part of a highly ranked national program; and doctoral students contribute to Broad’s global reputation as a leading research-intensive business school.

Broad marketing faculty areas of expertise include: marketing strategy, sales and sales management, marketing research, customer experience and relationship marketing, and international marketing, amongst others.

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The Department of Supply Chain Management (SCM) holds the prestigious reputation of offering the number-one-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs in the country. The department educates students to thrive in careers such as procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, warehousing, transportation and customer service. Students graduate with foundational knowledge across all areas of SCM, positioning them to work in multiple capacities for the top global companies. The business world views Broad’s graduates and faculty as the voice of the SCM field.

Broad SCM faculty areas of expertise include: operations, logistics, sourcing, value chain creation, risk management, cognitive procurement and holistic sustainability, amongst others.

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Founded in 1927, the School of Hospitality Business is the second-oldest hospitality school in the nation and is an independent school within the Broad College. Led by renowned faculty known for industry research and expertise, it has launched the careers of industry presidents at some of the world’s leading hospitality companies and includes an alumni network of more than 10,000 professionals in management careers across hotels, restaurants, clubs, sports and entertainment, the cruise industry and hospitality real estate development.

Broad hospitality business faculty areas of expertise include: brand management, dynamic pricing, event management, hospitality real estate, service management and hotel analytics, amongst others.

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Management faculty member Russ Johnson stands with arms crossed outside on a sunny day, with a stone building on MSU's campus in the background.

Research Centers and Institutes

At the core of the Broad College of Business, one will find the thought leaders and innovations that amplify the college’s impact on academia, corporate partners and the community. Research centers and institutes at Broad involve business-minded faculty, staff, students and alumni. By collaborating around specific areas of expertise with fellow colleges across MSU and industry experts outside of the university, Broad’s centers and institutes touch upon the life cycle of business, from innovation, financing and growth, to globalization, supply chain and analytics.

Serves as the hub of entrepreneurship at MSU. Hands-on training, coursework, experiential programs, direct mentorship and coaching position students for success as they pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

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Creates, curates and nurtures curricular content and co-curricular experiences that lay a strong foundation from which students develop a deep understanding of ethical conduct and socially responsible decision making. Supports research and scholarship that bridges theory and practice in ethics and social responsibility and establishes Broad College faculty as thought leaders on these issues.

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Conducts research in railway management, traction and energy, motive-power and supply chain management for freight, passenger and transit railways, and rail customers and suppliers. Offers continuing education, seminars and customized programs.

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Researches best practices in global venture capital and private equity. Educates entrepreneurs to integrate financial thinking and strategic decision-making with business development. Builds relationships with venture capital and private equity communities.

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Identifies opportunities for externally funded research, guides faculty through the competitive proposal process and connects Broad’s faculty with colleagues across campus, fellow MSU research entities and external funding agencies.

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Positions Broad as the pioneer in international business research and guides MSU’s path to thinking globally. It aids public and private sector organizations, academics and students with expertise related to global trade and competitiveness. Also known as MSU-CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research).

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BCC as seen from Bogue street at night.

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Produced by the Broad College, the Broad Matters podcast series delivers thought leadership and an insider’s perspective from Broad on today’s most relevant issues facing the world of business. The podcast can be subscribed to on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or Spotify.

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Broad Faculty News

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