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Become the marketing leader of tomorrow.

Broad’s marketing curriculum stresses understanding of marketing concepts and tools to achieve business objectives using analysis, planning, implementation and control techniques, and integration of marketing with other business functions and societal processes.

Career opportunities are available in marketing management, market research, industrial sales, sales management, business development, retail management and many other areas.

What can I do with this degree?

Digital marketer | Brand strategist | Marketing analyst | Marketing communication specialist

Business Core Curriculum and Degree Requirements

To build a solid business foundation, there are common degree requirements for all Broad majors.

B.A. in Marketing Requirements

Major Field Requirements: 2.0 Minimum GPA

Required Courses

Major Selection Courses

Students must complete six (6) credits from the following courses.

I have learned that marketing is all about being adaptable. You may need to change your production allocation overnight because of new laws, or one day you may need to jump on a trend and push an ad. If you can’t quickly adapt to what’s going on in the world, the competition will leave you behind.
Emily Allen
B.A. Marketing

The Michigan State University Marketing Association (MSUMA) is made up of driven students striving to excel in the marketing field. MSUMA provides members numerous benefits including networking, resume building, professional business trips, fun social events and great volunteer opportunities. The goal of the organization is to provide members with the opportunity to maximize their college career and, consequently, to become a successful professional in their business career.

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The Corporate Retail Association (CRA) serves to educate all majors about the many aspects of the retail industry. Our association invites a diverse group of corporate representatives to present information regarding diverse career paths in the retail industry. CRA will teach the dynamics and fundamental skills necessary in retail so our members can be competitive in the constantly changing industry.

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We understand that the future of our industry will be about pushing boundaries and thinking strategically. Broad’s Department of Marketing does what it takes to prepare students to thrive in the next era of marketing management.