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Our STEM-certified MSMR program has some of the leading alumni and board members in the industry. We invite you to listen to their shared experience in our Spartan Insights Podcast.

Join Host, Merrill Dubrow: CEO of M/A/R/C Research and MSMR Board Chair, as he interviews alumni and board members of the MSMR program at Michigan State University. Merrill and guests discuss essential topics and provide valuable advice for those within, entering, or considering a top career in the marketing research industry.

Spartan Insights Podcast: MSMRA Alumni Episodes

Join the conversation featuring many of the 350+ MSU Marketing Research and Analytics alumni talk about their experiences in the program and the research field. Now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and Google Podcasts!

Michael Klaus, Associate Brand Manager Chest Wall at Stryker

Michael discusses his career path leading to Associate Brand Manager at Stryker and his experience in the MS in Marketing Research and Analytics program at Michigan State University.

Emily Allen, Associate Product Manager at Google

Emily shares valuable advice about her experience with the MS in Marketing Research and Analytics program at MSU and how participating in the program helped her achieve her dream job at Google. Emily talks about the highly competitive rotational program she participated in at Google and provides further helpful guidance for listeners seeking to follow a similar career path.

Patrick Loewen, Fusion Leader at Aimpoint Research

Patrick discusses his experience on the supplier side of MR following his completion of the MS in Marketing Research and Analytics program at Michigan State University. Patrick also provides highly valuable insights for new and future MSMR students to be most successful.

Sophia Wright, Sr. Analyst (NPS) at Delta Airlines

Sophia discusses valuable insights regarding NPS and customer satisfaction at Delta Airlines and her excellent experience in the MSU MSMR program. Sophia includes how the MSMR program best prepared her for her exceptional career.

Maryann Stockard, Customer Insights Manager, Zillow Group

Listen in as MaryAnn discusses her experience on both the client and supplier-side of marketing research. MaryAnn also explains the importance of insights throughout the marketing industry.

Susan Emerick, Digital & Social Marketing Strategist

Susan is a Digital & Social Marketing Strategist who discusses the value of life-long learning as well as her experience attending the MS in Marketing Research and Analytics program at Michigan State University online.

Olivia Al-Eisa, Digital Shopping Specialist

Olivia shares helpful advice for those considering the online MSMR program and how she obtained her dream job at Meijer after receiving her MS in Marketing Research degree. Olivia provides helpful guidance on how to thrive even through challenging adversity through maintaining a focused mindset on achieving success.

Jane Evarian, Associate Director (Career Design Strategist) at Michigan State University and Whologic Author

Jane shares highly valuable insights for networking and job searching in any market to include the Covid-19 environment. She also shares the secrets and importance of networking when applying to jobs to stand out best for top opportunities.

John Balich, Senior Researcher at Expedia Group

Listen in as John Balich, Senior Researcher at Expedia Group discusses his experiences working on both the supplier and client sides, how his current role has been affected due to the pandemic, and how the MSMR program helps differentiate researchers in the industry.

Marisa Jonna, Analytical Consultant at Equifax

Marisa shares helpful advice and perspectives for MSMR graduates growing their careers in the field. She also further discusses her experience and knowledge gained from the MSMR program and how the MSU program helped her to be best prepared for success in the industry.

Darien Harris, Director of Player Engagement for Michigan State Football

Join us in listening to Darien Harris discuss his career and experiences as a professional athlete and marketing researcher. Darien, an MSMR alumnus, talks about his collegiate football career during his undergraduate years at MSU and his professional football career as an MSMR student. Darien shares valuable advice for all MSMR students to take with them to their academic and professional careers.

Katie Caldwell, Research Analyst at Quicken Loans

Please join us in listening to Katie Caldwell discuss her most recent careers and the experience she has gained from them. Starting at Walt Disney World as a Consumer Insight PI, to landing a job back in Detroit as a Research Analyst at Quicken Loans. Katie is also an MSMR alumna, where she discusses which classes stuck out most to her within this program, and how she is using them in her career. Last but not least, Katie stresses the importance of having a mentor, which is immensely beneficial.

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Spartan Insights Podcast: Board Member Episodes 

Dive into discussions with MSMRA advisory board members reflect on their experiences and careers in the insights and research field. Now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and Google Podcasts!

Jacci Weber, Manager of Consumer Insights at the Wendy's Company

Jacci shares helpful best practices for a great career in marketing research and about her experience in the MS in Marketing Research program at Michigan State University.

Anita Watkins, Global Head of Research for Kantar

Anita shares expert advice on both her journey into qualitative research and how to be a top qualitative researcher in today's job market. Anita's exceptional advice and knowledge applies to all interested in a top career in qualitative research.

Ryan Barry, CRO at Zappi (Part 1 of 2)

Ryan discusses essential tips and best practices to ensure optimal success for a top career in the marketing research (MR) industry. Ryan discusses how he evolved as a leader, his experience working in the culture of MR, and what everyone today should know for an amazing future in this career path.

Ryan Barry, CRO at Zappi (Part 2 of 2)

Ryan highlights the importance of a great work-life balance and how to organize your professional life to compliment time with family. Ryan also discusses how to start with and grow a company in regard to culture addition, business evolution, and innovation within an ever-changing industry.

Sydney Harris, Global Brand and Consumer Marketing Manager (NFL)

Sydney discusses her current role, life-long interest in sports, essential advice for young professionals entering the workforce, and provides key actions for those seeking a top career in the marketing and insights field.

Merrill Dubrow, President & CEO of M/A/R/C Research and MSMR Board Chair-Elect

Join us for this special version of Spartan Insights, where we interview our host Merill Dubrow as he shares more about his story on the path to becoming president & CEO which provides highly valuable insights and guidance to those progressing their career at any level. Merrill also shares more about the new Insights Resource Guide created by M/A/R/C Research to help all in the MR industry connect for networking, opportunities, mentorship, and career advancement. The Insights Resource Guide can be viewed here:

Bernard Brenner, Senior Director for Advertising at Microsoft

Bernard, Senior Director for Advertising, Social and Retail Effectiveness at Microsoft, discusses how COVID-19 has impacted and changed his and many others' work environments, and he also shares helpful advice on how people can successfully navigate through these changes. He also discusses his experiences as a hiring manager, offering advice to students entering their careers on what he and many other companies are looking for in potential employees.

Mike Mickunas, Bane & Company Advisor and Former Global VP at Kellogg's

Join us in listening to Mike Mickunus provide valuable advice resulting from his global career in brand-based insights and analytics with a focus on cause and effect relationships and investments. Mike has helped to round out the "full picture" of the customer value experience throughout his vast executive career at Kellogg's. Mike also provides essential advice for career advancement and how to stand out as a top candidate for opportunities.

Dale Sanko, Director of Consumer Insights at DSW (Designed Shoe Warehouse)

Join us in listening to Dale Sanko provide insightful advice about marketing research careers on the client-side. Dale discusses how his academic career led him to a professional career in marketing research. He shares insight on how DSW and other companies have navigated operations amidst the pandemic. Dale leaves valuable advice for MSMR students who will soon be entering the workforce in a few short months.

Arturo Fausto, Global Brand Research Lead at Cadillac

Join us in listening to Arturo Fausto provide insightful advice about how the MSMR Program has helped shape his career at Cadillac as a Global Brand Research Lead. Arturo leads the Cadillac ad hoc qualitative and quantitative research, which includes brand strategy and brand positioning. He also shares how advertising new cars in to the market works. Arturo offers exceptional advice to future MSMR students on how to prepare for their careers while being in this program.

Rich Spreng, Professor, Interim Department of Marketing Chairperson & MSMR Academic Director at MSU

Please join us in listening to Professor Rich Spreng speak about the educational and professional career that led him to become a marketing research professor at Michigan State University. Professor Spreng discusses his involvement in the development of the Masters in Marketing Research program at MSU. He highlights the program's importance and purpose and concludes with his most useful advice for current students.

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