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Set yourself for a career success as a market analyst at MSU.

In our STEM-certified MSMRA you will reap the benefits from connections and resources provided by our award-winning faculty, alumni, and industry partners. During the program, you have access to job search tools, a specialized career fair, multiple marketing research career workshops, and career advising sessions.

Our STEM Master’s degree is focused on the real-world application of knowledge and skills to best support you in achieving all of your market research career goals. And with the program being ranked #1 among marketing research STEM master’s programs, the reputation of your degree will carry weight with employers and recruiters.

Marketing Researcher Average Corporate Salaries by Job Title

Job TitlesSalary
Senior Vice President/Vice President$279,510
Market Research Director/Senior Director$211,134
Market Research Manager$139,536
Account Executive/Manager$63,333
Consumer Insights Manager$128,443
Director of Marketing$185,333
Marketing Manager$126,600
Brand or Product Manager$115,333
Project Manager$107,500
Business Development$136,333
Senior Research Analyst$113,396
Research Analyst$74,107
UX Researcher$150,250
Business/Market Analyst$92,625
Data Scientist$91,500
Sales/Account Representative$69,000

The marketing research industry is one of the most exciting and fastest growing business sectors in the United States.

*Average annual salary, according to a 2022 study conducted by Quirks Enterprises, Inc.

Marketing Researcher Average Salaries by Job Title: Supplier Side

Job TitlesSalary
Senior Vice President/Vice President$216,545
Director of Research$129,308
Group Head/Manager$139,654
Operations Manager$93,533
Senior Project Director/Manager$98,508
Project Director/Manager$92,359
Senior Research Analyst$81,864
Research Analyst$69,769
Data Scientist$127,167
Business Development$126,706
Senior Research Associate$82,652
Research Associate$58,583
UX Researcher$130,500
Panel Manager/Procurement$94,125
Field Manager/Director$93,083
Field Associate$126,000
Facility Manager$73,000
Marketing/Communication Manager$100,364
Sales Director$160,696
Sales Representative$165,167
Account Manager$77,600
“The marketing research profession continues to evolve, and the ideal skill set today includes a combination of statistical acumen and achievement, a sharp understanding of general business and marketing strategy, and story-telling skills. We believe that Michigan State University, with its Broad College of Business, is uniquely positioned to provide the education breadth and depth researchers, both today’s and tomorrow’s, will require.”
Michael Brereton
Former CEO, Maritz Research

Hear from Market Research Professionals

Marketing Research Industry Podcasts

MARC podcast logo

A podcast with executives and thought leaders, sharing insights, strategies and their personal experiences in the business world. Hosted by M/A/R/C Research CEO Merrill Dubrow.

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Insights Resource Guide, by Merrill Dubrow


Merrill Dubrow

CEO of M/A/R/C Research and MSMRA Board Chair-Elect

“My intent by creating this guide is to help anyone who is currently working in, transitioning jobs or just entering the marketing research industry. It covers a broad variety of topics, such as influential suppliers and clients, some of the influential people to know, and useful industry-related podcasts that I would recommend. Our goal is to share our knowledge and network so that not only can we all be more informed, but this industry can flourish.”

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Happy Market Research Podcast

Happy Market Research Podcast Logo

Happy Market Research is a podcast and vlog that chats with top brands including GoDaddy, LinkedIn, and Adobe about tech and industry trends. The software they have built connects over 3,000 companies and 75% of the Fortune 500 with their customers to drive business insights.

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“After learning more about the curriculum of the Broad MSMR, I recognize the tremendous benefits of such a program. Hiring MSMR-degreed individuals, or sponsoring a student through the program, would provide Ducker critical access to talented candidates. These candidates would have the consulting and communication skills to interact with clients as well as have project management and technical competence to design, manage and interpret research studies. As the market research and consulting industry continues to grow, the opportunities available to students through the Michigan State University MSMR are significant.”
Joanne Ulnick
Managing Partner, Ducker Worldwide

Marketing Research Career Prospects

Marketing Research Career Resources

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  • VisualCV: Create a standout resume in minutes with their easy-to-use platform and customized templates.

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