It pays dividends to become a market researcher at MSU.

M.S. in Marketing Research graduates reap the benefits from connections and resources provided by our award-winning faculty, alumni and industry partners. During the program, students have access to job search tools as well as a specialized career fair, multiple career workshops and career advising sessions.

The MSMR program is focused on the real-world application of knowledge and skills to best support you in achieving all of your career goals. And with the program being ranked #1 among marketing research master’s programs, the reputation of your degree will carry weight with employers and recruiters.

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Hear from Market Research Professionals

MSMR Alumni by the Numbers

The following data points were aggregated via a survey of M.S. in Marketing Research program alumni.

Employed Full-Time
Classes 2011-2016

Believe the MSMR program helped prepare them for their current career

Have stayed connected with the MSMR program and fellow students

Typical Salary Range
Within 1-5 Years of Graduation

Client-Side Employment

Supplier-Side Employment

MSMR Alumni Job Titles (selected)

Business Intelligence Manager

Client Insights Analyst

Client Manager

Consumer Insights Manager

Marketing Director

Market Research Analyst

Market Research Consultant

Product Management Specialist

SEM Specialist

Senior Insights Analyst

Survey Research Analyst

VOC Insights Lead

MSMR Alumni Job Levels

MSMR alumni hold positions at the following levels within their organizations:

Entry Level

Middle Level

Senior Level / Chief Executive Level

“The marketing research profession continues to evolve, and the ideal skill set today includes a combination of statistical acumen and achievement, a sharp understanding of general business and marketing strategy, and story-telling skills. We believe that Michigan State University, with its Broad College of Business, is uniquely positioned to provide the education breadth and depth researchers, both today’s and tomorrow’s, will require.”
Michael Brereton
Former CEO, Maritz Research

Employers of Note

Spartans are employed around the world as market research professionals. Graduates of the MSMR program can be found across the full spectrum of industries, providing critical insights, leadership and value to some of the most highly regarded global companies.

“After learning more about the curriculum of the Broad MSMR, I recognize the tremendous benefits of such a program. Hiring MSMR-degreed individuals, or sponsoring a student through the program, would provide Ducker critical access to talented candidates. These candidates would have the consulting and communication skills to interact with clients as well as have project management and technical competence to design, manage and interpret research studies. As the market research and consulting industry continues to grow, the opportunities available to students through the Michigan State University MSMR are significant.”
Joanne Ulnick
Managing Partner, Ducker Worldwide

Marketing Research Career Prospects

Marketing Research Facts

  • U.S. News & World Report ranks market research analyst #1 on their 2015 list of “Best Business Jobs” and #14 on their 2015 list of “The 100 Best Jobs.”
    • The rankings are based on 10-year job growth volume, 10-year job growth percentage, median salary, job prospects, employment rate, stress level and work-life balance.
  • According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of market research analysts is projected to grow 32 percent from 2012-2022, which is much faster than the average growth of 11 percent.

Be sure to read Kiplinger’s article on the 30 best jobs for the future.

Marketing Research Job Search Resources

Marketing Research Career Resources

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Master’s Program

  1. Will this degree help me secure the great job and high salary I want?
  2. Is the reputation of the degree the best deal available for the price?
  3. Is the focus of the degree an area of study very interesting to me?
  4. Will the skills I learn give me a competitive advantage in the job market for a lifetime?
  5. Will I have a great experience and earn the same valuable degree studying in person or online?

Resume Resources

  • VisualCV: Create a standout resume in minutes with their easy-to-use platform and customized templates.

Marketing Researcher Average Corporate Salaries by Job Title

  • Salary
  • Senior VP or VP
  • $281,796
  • President/CEO
  • $225,143
  • Market Research Director/Sr. Director
  • $174,314
  • Statistician
  • $170,000
  • Director of Marketing
  • $145,500
  • Market Research Manager
  • $129,697
  • Consumer Insights Manager
  • $122,978
  • Director of Research
  • $119,528
  • Consultant
  • $105,100
  • Business Development
  • $103,864
  • Brand or Product Manager
  • $103,300
  • Communications Director/Manager
  • $97,667
  • Marketing Manager
  • $97,625
  • Project Manager
  • $96,059
  • Senior Research Analyst
  • $92,989
  • Business Market Analyst
  • $72,667
  • Research Analyst
  • $63,818
  • Research Assistant
  • $57,500

The marketing research industry is one of the most exciting and fastest growing business sectors in the United States.

Figures shown are results of a 2017 study conducted by Quirks Enterprises, Inc.

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