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What Is Dual Enrollment?

Are you a current undergraduate MSU student interested in completing your bachelor’s and master’s degree at the same time resulting in an exceptional start to your professional career? If so then dual-enrollment in the STEM-certified MSMRA program is a great option for you!

Eligible MSU students have:

1.) a 3.5+ GPA (those in 3.4 range can be included)


2.) a 3.0-3.3 GPA with an GRE/GMAT test score accepted by the MSMRA program

If you qualify for dual-enroll during either fall or spring semester of their senior year and double-count up to 9 credits from the MSMRA program toward both their bachelor’s degree and the Master’s in Marketing Research and Analytics degree.

Students from any MSU major/college are eligible.

Eligible Courses

You can use any MKT core, MKT elective, or general elective course(s) for dual-enrollment (up to 9 credits total).

Business core courses that are not MKT courses cannot be used for dual-enrollment. However, dual-enrollment can be flexible, and you are able to dual-enroll while still completing other bachelor’s core courses, so if you are interested, please email us your schedule and questions, and we will gladly assist you in developing your dual-enrollment plan.



Here is one way dual-enrollment could work for you:

Let’s say that you are an MSU student who will be graduating with your bachelor’s degree soon and the only courses you need to complete in your last semester of undergrad are the following:

  • MKT 460
  • MKT 400-level Elective
  • MKT 313

You can apply to begin the STEM-certified MSMRA program your last semester of undergrad and, if selected, the 9 credits listed above will just be considered “placeholder” courses. You will end up dropping the courses above and only taking the MSMRA program courses and 9 credits of those MSMRA courses will double-count to fulfill both bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements. The 9 dual-enrolled credits will be billed at the undergraduate rate, saving you money on your total master’s degree cost.

Dual-Enrollment Benefits

  1. The dual-enrolled credits will be billed at the undergraduate rate, saving you money on your STEM-certified MSMRA degree cost.
  2. No work experience is required to apply to the MSMRA program, though internship experience is valued and considered in the application process.
  3. The MSMRA program is flexible, and it is possible to actually start working on your full-time job either in the summer or fall semesters while finishing the MSMRA program online.


4. Nearly 85 percent of MSMRA students are placed within full-time jobs             before they graduate.

5. MSMRA graduates have excellent salary and career progression.

Dual-enrolling is quite easy, and there is only one form to fill out for processing if selected for the STEM-certified MSMRA program. Email us today to get started.