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STEM-certified Master's in Marketing Research and Analytics Application Deadlines


We accept applicants on a “rolling calendar” basis, so you are welcome to apply to the STEM-certified M.S. in Marketing Research and Analytics (MSMRA) throughout the year to any of the three cohort options. The date listed for each option is the last day we accept applications, but we highly recommend applying prior to the deadline.

Apply Now

After completing the first part of the online graduate school application, you will gain access to the Graduate Education Student Portal. This allows you to check your application status, send e-messages to our department, upload various required documents and requests, and check the status of your letters of recommendation.

Full-Time On-Campus Program

Our full-time 12-month program begins in late August (fall semester) or January (spring semester) of each year. Please select FS24 or SS24 as the semester in the application system and full-time in-person format.

Application deadline: The deadline to apply for the fall 2024 cohort is April 1, 2024.

Part-Time 100% Online Program

Our 20-month fully online program begins in late August (fall semester) of each year. Please select FS24 as the semester in the application system and the Part-Time Online format.

Application Period: We are currently accepting applications for this cohort through May 1st, 2024.

Full-Time 100% Online Program

This full-time online 12-month program begins in January (spring semester) of each year. Please select SS24 as the semester in the application system and Online as the format.

Application Period: We are currently accepting applications for this cohort through November 15th, 2023 for domestic applicants and international applicants residing in the US. If you want to be considered for a deadline extension, please email us at for more details.

Application Process

Steps to Apply

  1. Start your online application to the STEM-certified MSMRA program.
    • The application can be saved and edited so additional documents can be uploaded. The MSMRA program code is 6057.
  2. Complete the MSMR Application Checklist
    • Upload any required documents directly to your application.
  3. Submit your application and pay the application fee.

Application Requirements

The STEM-certified MSMRA program application includes the following components, which are described in further detail on this page:



Academic Statement of Purpose

GMAT, GRE Test Score, or GPA Test Waiver

Recommendation Forms

English Language Proficiency Test Score (international applicants only)

Affidavit of Support and Financial Proof (international applicants only)


You can attach unofficial transcripts to the online application initially.

Official transcripts of all academic coursework completed in colleges and universities other than MSU must be provided to us directly from the institution(s) you attended and received before the application deadline.

If your transcripts are on file at MSU, additional official transcripts do not need to be requested as you can upload an unofficial copy.

Official transcripts can be sent electronically and emailed directly from your undergrad institution to:

Hard copy (paper) transcripts can be mailed to the address below. Please make sure to attach electronic copies of your transcripts to your MSMRA application in addition to having hard copy documents mailed to MSU admissions:

Michigan State University
Office of Admissions
426 Auditorium Road
East Lansing, MI 48824

International Transcripts

For application review for admission, please have official transcripts and an attested degree copy (both in English and original language) sent directly from your university to MSU:

Michigan State University
Office of Admissions
426 Auditorium Road
East Lansing, MI 48824

We do not accept WES.

Note: Additional resources and helpful information for international transfer students and applicants can be obtained on the MSU Office of Admissions International Application Checklist Page.


Submit a current resume highlighting your relevant marketing analytics and research education, work, and other experiences. Please make sure to attach the resume to your application electronically.

Academic Statement of Purpose

The statement should describe your career goals and objectives and explain why you believe our STEM-certified MSMRA program will help you achieve those goals and objectives. This statement should be no longer than two typed, double-spaced pages.

This section can be filled out in the online application or attached as a separate document. Note that the online graduate school application asks for an academic statement and a personal statement. We only ask for an academic statement—you may leave the personal statement section blank.

GMAT or GRE Test Score

GMAT Code for the M.S. in Marketing Research: QH0-5P-00 (Q-H-ZERO-FIVE-P-ZERO-ZERO)

GRE Code for Michigan State University: 1465


GMAT/GRE waivers: Applicants have completed a Bachelor’s degree in the U.S. with a GPA of 3.5 or higher do not need to submit GMAT/GRE score. (those in the 3.4 range can also receive this waiver)

Part-Time Online applicants with a 3.0 GPA or higher AND 5+ years of work experience do not need to provide a GMAT/GRE score.

All other applicants should submit a GMAT/GRE score.

If you have questions on qualifications, please email

Letter(s) of Recommendation Forms

When applying to the STEM-certified MSMRA program, the application system will ask for three letters of recommendation; applicants should have a minimum of one recommender complete the MSMR Recommendation Letter Form to fulfill this requirement instead of written letters. Applicants will need to send their recommenders the MSMRA Recommendation Letter Form or direct them to this website for download. Again, we do not require any letters; only one recommender should complete the recommendation letter form instead of a written letter.

The recommendation forms may be uploaded online via the online application. When logged into the portal, you can provide the names and email addresses of your recommenders. The system will send the recommender an automated message with directions to upload their forms. Your recommender should upload the MSMRA Recommendation Form instead of a written letter.

If you cannot obtain a recommender for the form, you can email to inquire about applying for a waiver. Recommendation forms may also be emailed to the following address however uploading to the system is preferred:

English Language Proficiency Test (international applicants)

The ability to understand and communicate English well is essential for all students in Broad College master’s programs. Therefore, proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English are necessary. The English competency tests (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE A, etc.) are designed to give graduate program admissions committees information to judge the potential for success.

A reasonable level of English competency (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) is important for success in the nationally competitive MSU graduate education environment. Applicants without native fluency in English must fulfill proficiency requirements as part of their admission to the Broad College. Please visit the MSU Admissions English Language test page for details on accepted tests: MSU English Language Test Requirements.

English Language Proficiency Waiver Policy

Further details on how to qualify for an automatic English language waiver can be found here: MSU English Language Waivers.

Affidavit of Support and Financial Proof (international applicants only)

The Affidavit of Support and Financial Proof is not required at the time of application for admission. However, many applicants find it convenient to submit this form with their application. Please note that if you are admitted to the STEM-certified MSMRA program, you must submit this document within 14 days of admission to obtain your student visa.

Affidavit of Support

Start (or return to) your application.

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