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University policy requires each student to know the graduation requirements of his/her academic program and to make normal progress toward graduation. The degree requirements for the hospitality business major are stated in the MSU Academic Programs Catalog. You can check progress toward your degree by using MSU Degree Navigator.

Because of the size of our undergraduate student population (~600) and other leadership roles they coordinate on behalf of The School, our advisor’s time is limited. When you schedule an appointment with our advisors, please be certain to have your questions and issues well organized so that your time with the advisor can be used most effectively.

Academic Advising & Career Advising

Academic Advising

Need academic advising? Just e-mail Jeff Yingling at

Career Advising

Need career advising? Just e-mail SIRC at


profile photo of Jeff Yingling

Jeff Yingling

  • Assistant Director of Undergraduate Academic Programs
    The School of Hospitality Business

Jeff Yingling is the assistant director of undergraduate academic programs for The School of Hospitality Business. He was coordinator of admissions, scholarships and information technology for Undergraduate Academic Services, which serves over 5,000 students in the Broad College, prior to joining The School. Jeff was awarded the Richard J. Lewis Quality of Excellence Award by the Broad College in 2004 for his work with the Broad China Supply Chain Forum and in 2007 for his work with the Broad India Information Technology Forum. He received the Broad College Staff Award for Innovation, Commitment and Collaboration and the Broad College Staff Award for Most Profound Impact on the Graduating Class in 2017. Jeff received The School of Hospitality Business Alumni Association Outstanding Staff Member Award in 2018. He earned a B.B.A. in business management, finance and real estate from Kent State University and a M.A. in college and university administration from Michigan State University.

profile photo of Authella Collins Hawks

Authella Collins Hawks

  • Director of Student and Industry Resource Center
    The School of Hospitality Business

Authella Collins Hawks is the director of the Student and Industry Resource Center (SIRC) for The School of Hospitality Business. In this role she provides leadership for the placement of more than 800 students in internships and full-time positions upon graduation for The School. She also represents The School in developing and maintaining relationships with the industry, networking with hospitality business alumni and participating in industry functions and special events.