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The School of Hospitality Business scholarship applications are accepted for consideration during spring semester (only) for disbursement the following school year. Seniors can receive scholarships through their graduation semester. To be considered for any and all scholarships, your application must be completed and submitted by the posted deadlines.


Applicants for The School of Hospitality Business scholarships must meet the following criteria as well as any criteria stipulated by the individual scholarship endowment for which they are being considered.

  1. Applicants must be full-time students in The School of Hospitality Business when receiving a scholarship, unless they are receiving a scholarship during their last semester and full-time enrollment is not necessary for graduation.
  2. Applicants must submit a current resume.
  3. Applicants’ active membership in The School of Hospitality Business student organizations or events is a consideration; however, applicants’ stipulated need for paid work or a heavy course-load are alternative/complementary considerations.

Please note that most scholarships are awarded based on a combination of academic achievement, financial need, extra-curricular leadership, and endowment-specified criteria.

Applying for Scholarships

The School of Hospitality Business Scholarship Application

2021-2022 Scholarship Application

2021-2022 Scholarship Application Deadline
Completed 2021-2022 scholarship applications with all required documents must be submitted by April 15, 2021 to

Study Abroad Scholarship Application

Traveling abroad for your studies? Scholarship amounts vary, but are typically in the $1,000 range.

2021-2022 Study Abroad Application

Study Abroad Application Deadlines

  • Spring Break: January 15
  • Summer and Fall Semester: April 15
  • Winter Break and Spring Semester: October 1

The School of Hospitality Business Emergency Fund Grant Application

Dear Students:

We trust that you are all safe and healthy! Your School of Hospitality Business recognizes that many of you are experiencing unexpected financial hardships due to the Covid pandemic and beyond. We are accepting Emergency Fund Grant applications. While our funds are limited, we seek to provide you with some relief from your unexpected financial hardships. If you are experiencing financial distress, please complete the application, and we will consider it promptly. These grants are separate from the annual scholarships.


Karthik Namasivayam
Director and The John and Becky Duffey
Faculty Fellow in Hospitality Business

Emergency Grant Fund Application

Scholarship Categories

There are three scholarship categories offered:

  1. Requiring selection by The School’s Scholarship Committee
  2. Requiring nomination by The School’s Scholarship Committee
  3. Scholarships whose selections are made without the input of The School’s Scholarship Committee

The scholarship application must be completed to be considered for any scholarships listed within the first two scholarship categories (1 and 2 above). For scholarships listed within the last category (3), please review the criteria and apply on your own.

Any questions or concerns, email: 

Frequently Asked Questions