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Direct Enroll and Exchange Programs

  1. Research course offerings. Use the host institution’s course listings, which can be found on each program’s page on the Office for Education Abroad website. Previously approved courses can be reviewed on the MSU Office of the Registrar website and the Transfer MSU website.
  2. Create a list of courses. Write down the correct course code and title for each foreign course in column 1 of the Course Approval Form (CAF). Include the number of credits at the host institution in column 2. Make sure course codes, titles, and credits are exact (in the original language, no abbreviations). We recommend getting 6-8 courses (summer programs) or 10 courses (fall and spring semester programs) pre-approved just in case courses abroad conflict or are not offered. If this form is not sufficient to list all courses, use a second form.
  3. For Students participating in Broad sponsored programs, submit a list of courses you are interested in taking to Dwight Handspike. Use the course list from the semester you plan to enroll – do not use prior semester lists, as not all courses are taught each semester.

Business Subject Courses

  • Review the Broad College Academic Semester Education Abroad Guidelines.
  • If courses have been evaluated for transfer, and the equivalency is posted on (and valid through the semester you will be enrolled), no further action is needed.
  • If courses have not been evaluated, submit syllabi electronically via the online system.

Broad Academic Education Abroad Guidelines

Non-Business Courses

  • If courses have been evaluated for transfer and the equivalency is posted on (and valid through the semester you will be enrolled), no further action is needed.
  • If course equivalency is not posted on, you must submit the syllabus to the appropriate College that houses the course subject:
    • College of Communication Arts & Sciences: advertising, communications, media & information
    • College of Social Science: economics, history, ISS
    • College of Arts & Letters: art history, IAH, foreign languages
    • College of Natural Science: math, statistics, biology, chemistry

Course Approval Process

  • Once all courses have been evaluated, you must obtain signatures for your Course Approval Form (CAF) from the respective College representatives.
  • After ALL OTHER COLLEGES (including the Honors College, if applicable) have signed the CAF, then Dwight Handspike will sign for the Broad College.
  • CAFs must be completed, with all signatures, before the end of the current semester. The original CAF goes to the Office for Education Abroad (108 International Center), a copy is retained by the Broad College, and you should keep a copy for your records.

College/Department Contact Information

  • Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Rhonda Crackel
  • 408 Morrill Hall of Agriculture
  • Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Jennifer New
  • 189 Communication Arts & Sciences Bldg